The 4 Biggest Lock Problems You Will Encounter (And What You Can Do about Them)

Locks are a part of your daily life in Singapore, so you want to make sure yours work normally as much as possible. However, there will always be times when you may have to call a locksmith services company to help you out.

Aside from forgetting your lock at home or in your car, here are the biggest problems you will encounter with your lock (and what you can do when they happen to you):

1. Key Won’t Insert
This is a common problem with locks frequently exposed to moisture, such as those of front doors of warehouses and gates. To solve this, you can try extracting whatever is stuck inside the keyhole to repair a lock.

This can also happen when you try to pick the lock yourself with whatever tools you happen to have at hand, which can break off and get stuck in the keyhole.

If you got locked out of house or the lock itself may be rusted or damaged altogether, it may be better to call a 24 hour locksmith company in Singapore to get it fixed easily and safely. You can also ask them to unpick your lock for you if you tried it unsuccessfully or avail home key duplication in case you need another duplicate key for emergencies.

2. Jammed/Broken Keys
Keys breaking off or getting stuck in the keyhole is another common problem, especially if you have a duplicate that doesn’t hold up like the original copy.

This also happens outside of house or office locks. Keys stuck in your ignition, for instance, can be difficult to remove without the right tools. You may have to pay a locksmith for services such as automotive key cutting, lock repair, or installation.

3. Damaged/Broken Lock
Every lock that won’t close or open properly is a security risk waiting to happen in your Singapore office – so if your biometric device stopped working, replace it as soon as possible with a new, more durable lock. In the event of an emergency, contact a 24 hour locksmith to fix broken locks in your home or office or unlock biometric door.

And if you want to upgrade security for your office, hiring a locksmith to install security systems, such as cameras, digital locks, and basic PIN- or ID-based security access door systems, is an investment you should consider.

4. Faulty Car Remote
Car remote rely on sending radio frequency (RF) signals to your car to lock or unlock car doors, and if you’re not sure where you left your car, you can usually see it from a distance when you press the button.

If it still doesn’t work after replacing the battery and check the door’s locking mechanisms, it’s usually best to hire a car locksmith repair your car remote and unlock the door to your car.

Call a Locksmith Today!
For any problems with your locks, whether they’re for your home, office, or car, can call our locksmith services company for various services including lock installation and repair, and a 24 hour locksmith is always on call for emergencies.

Our locksmith service can also duplicate a key that you can use right away if you need multiple keys for your door, which is faster than going to a key maker.

And if you’re worried about the cost, we have the answer. Our cheap locksmith solutions provide fast, high-quality results that will keep your home, office, or car safe and secure.

So what are you waiting for? Call our locksmith services today!

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

How to Pick a Swimwear for Your Body Type

You don’t have to look like a runway model to wear a swimsuit when you go to the beach or pool, because there are ways to look good in a swimwear no matter what your body type is. Be honest with yourself and don’t be ashamed if you’re a little round on the waist.

Ladies, Find Your Shape!
There are five body types for women, such as the hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, athletic, and apple. If you’re not sure which your body type is, read the description below.

Hourglass: Both the shoulders are hips are of the same width and you have a well-defined waist
Triangle: The shoulders are wider than the hips
Inverted Triangle: The hips are wider than the shoulders
Athletic: Both the shoulders and hips are of the same width; the waist isn’t well-defined, the bust isn’t full, and the stomach isn’t rounded
Apple: Both the shoulders and the hips are of the same width; the waist isn’t well-defined, but you have a rounded stomach and a full bust

Once you have determined your body type, remember these tips when trying out swimwear:

Hourglass: Avoid tops and bottoms that are not matched, but you will look good with any type of cut
Triangle: Do not wear boy shorts, detailed bottoms or anything with busy prints; go for light prints, high-cut bottoms or a top with a plunging neckline
Inverted Triangle: Avoid bandeaus when picking swimwear; make sure that your top has enough support like the halter with an underwire; you can pair it with frilly bottoms
Athletic: Avoid bandeaus and go for swimwear with a lot of embellishments such as frills and triangle tops; avoid one-piece swimsuits as well
Apple: Avoid tops with thin straps and go for tops that provide support instead; a high-cut bottom will show off your curvy legs

Guys, Find Your Body Type!
Men should also pick swimwear according to their body types, which could be skinny, athletic, and wide.

Skinny: You have slender legs and slender waist
Athletic: You have a well-proportioned body
Wide: You look bulkier around the middle

When you know what your body type is, it will be easier to pick swimming trunks next time you go to the beach or pool.

Skinny: Go for slim-fit trunks that have horizontal patterns or stripes and are above the knee long
Athletic: You can wear any color, pattern, type, and length of trunks
Wide: Go for dark and solid-colored tie-waist trunks that are above-the-knee long; avoid elastic waistbands and printed trunks

Do You Snore a Lot?

Did your wife or husband complain about not being able to sleep peacefully at night because of your snoring? Are you even aware that you snore? Here are the things you need to know about snoring and why you should not ignore the complaints of your wife or husband.

Why Do You Snore?
There are several causes of snoring, and some of them need medical intervention because they can cause more serious health problems later. If you can address these problems, perhaps you and your partner can sleep quietly every night.

Some causes include the following:
• Sleep apnea
• Sleeping position
• Allergy and/or nasal stuffiness
• Mouth breathing
• Lack or exercise and/or overeating
• Alcohol, smoking, and sleeping pills
• Collapsing or small nostrils or deviated nasal septum
• Tongue base or multifactorial snorer
• Large adenoids and tonsils (in children)
• Shape of the mouth
• Overweight

How Do You Know if You Snore?
However, if you live alone, it is difficult to determine whether you snore or not. There are tests that you can do at home to find out if you snore and what type of snorer you are. If the tests below do not help, you should see your doctor to pinpoint the cause/s of snoring.

• Mouth Breathing Test. Try opening your mouth and making a snoring noise, then try to do the same with your mouth closed. If you can make the sound only if your mouth is open, that means you’re a mouth breather.

• Nose Test. Try pressing one side of nostril and breathing through your nose with your mouth closed. If you find this difficult after testing both nostrils, you might need nasal dilators. Next, try breathing through your nose with your mouth closed. If this is difficult for you, it means that you have a stuffy nose or an allergy.

• Tongue Test. Try sticking your tongue out as far as you can and grip it with your teeth in place. Then, make a snoring sound to determine if you are a tongue bases snorer when the sound is reduced with your tongue out.

For those who have problems in more than one of the tests above, it could mean that you are a multifactorial snorer (the cause of snoring is a combination of different factors) or you have palatal flutter (vibration of the soft palate). You should also monitor your body mass index (BMI) regularly because being overweight means you are more likely to suffer from health problems including snoring.

How Can You Stop Snoring?
If your snoring is caused by any of the factors listed above, you need to address those issues first then observe the following habits:

• Lose weight if you are overweight
• Avoid alcohol and tobacco/cigarettes
• Avoid sleeping pills (if you have sleep apnea or if you don’t need it)
• Change your sleeping position
• Avoid sleeping on your back
• Treat your allergies
• Change your mattress, pillows, and linen
• Ask about mandibular advancement device (for tongue-based snorers)
• Use a nasal dilator strip (if you have nasal collapse

How to Talk with Your Painting Service and Get the Best Indoor Color Scheme for Your Home

The best way you can get the look you want for your new home is by getting the most out of your painting services in Singapore, and whether it’s an HDB painting service or for condo painting, good communication is key.

To give yourself a better idea on what you want to ask from your painting services, here are a few tips you can follow:

Be specific.
When talking with a commercial painting service, be specific about the paint scheme that you want to have your home painted with. This will include looking up different color swatches in advance, as well as asking if your residential paint contractor has a specific color that you like.

Looking into a different type of paint brand or paint colours can also give you more options to choose from. Ask yourself questions like “do I personally like the colors for this paint brand?”, “Is it too bright or too dim?”, or “Does a competing paint brand offer them better?” Also, you might want to check on the cost of paint beforehand.

Ask for recommendations.
Alternatively, if you don’t know what colors would best make your home appear cozy and inviting, you can also ask for recommendations from your painting services for the best colors.

If you’re wondering how to find quality painters, their response to your queries would truly matter a lot. This is because a good painting contractor doesn’t just know how to properly paint the wall of a room or condo unit, he also knows how to choose paint colors or what colors go best with each other.

To hire a painter means that you can ask for recommendations on the best color scheme and help you save time if you’re in a hurry. You can count on them to give you the ideal selection of colors that would truly bring out the best for your home.

Additionally, you’re asking for recommendations so that you won’t have to resort to cheap house painting.
Meet your contractor in person.

Even though you can always send ideas for interior house painting, among other things, it’s always best to meet up with and HDB painting contractor to see what exactly needs to be done for your home. Similarly, this also saves you a great deal in condo painting.

This way, you can expect only the best painter services your home and know exactly what needs to be done, which can depend on certain factors.

For instance, your home could either have a lot of natural light from open windows, or have little to no natural light at all, as well as the type of lightbulbs your home has and what hues their lights happen to be.

The suggested paint scheme offered by your painting contractor could also depend on how your home is shaped, how wide or narrow your home seems, and the type of furniture that you have.

Some painting services can also help paint your furniture or wooden fixtures at home.

8 ways to raise your puppy

Dogs are noted to be man’s best friends. Needless to say, it’s always nice to have a dog, especially ones trained with tricks. As early as the puppy stage, you can train your dog its toilet manners and teach him different tricks. Playing with your dog also helps you get relief from stress after a day’s work.

1. Consider your puppy a toddler
Think of an empty hard drive or computer disk. Put entries that you can save. That’s exactly how it’s like teaching a youngster how to do things the right way. Just the same with your dog, his empty mind can be easily taught. Remember the saying? You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

2. Have patience
Repetitive training means a lot. After all, you are trying to teach a habit for your puppy. So have patience in teaching him, keep calm and be assertive when training. Don’t get upset when your puppy does something wrong or causes an accident. Remember they are puppies, they really don’t know any better.

3. Prepare for your puppy a place of his own
Your puppy will feel secure if he has a place of his own where he can nap or take a breather. Others may prepare a crate so as to contain the puppy especially when busy, so they won’t have to worry whether the puppy is off chewing off someone’s slipper.

4. Establish eye contact
Just like a baby or toddler, establish eye contact when talking to them. For puppies, call their attention and make sure he looks at you when you make a command. That way, the puppy will know from the tone of your voice whether you are angry or pleased with him. In the future, the puppy will know whether he made a mistake just by looking at you or listening to the first word you said.

5. Don’t distract them
During training, make sure not to distract them when trying to teach them something. Like little kids, they need to focus when they’re learning new stuff so it’s best to hold back when you just want to cuddle them instead of teaching them.

6. Discipline them
Avoid giving in to things that will become a big problem in the future. Large dogs are fond of jumping at people as if they’re still puppies. If your pup does this, make sure to correct him once his size gets a little too big to cuddle.

7. Socializing
Enroll in puppy manners and home obedience. Socialize and expose your puppy to people and other dogs. This will be valuable in his training.

8. Health and good grooming
Puppies are just like babies, they need to have frequent naps during the day. Also make sure to have some exercise for your puppy. A scheduled bath time is also needed as part of his training.

5 ways to help keep your shoes in good condition

Every walk of life needs tools to do just that – walk their chosen path in life. Whether in business or in any other field, we have to literally make our path and our mark. In each day we spend at work, we have basic needs and one of these is clothing. What punctuates our outfits are the shoes we pair them with. We have to make sure that not only are our shoes stylish, they have to be comfortable as well. They need to be both efficient and pleasing to the eyes.

Just meeting these requirements has our work cut out for us. So here are a few tips to help you keep your shoes in good condition:

1. Remove stains immediately
There are just some times when we can’t avoid getting stain on our shoes, no matter how careful we are. So to make sure they don’t stick around longer than they’re supposed to, make sure to clean your shoes immediately. For different materials used in our shoes, they also have different ways to clean them. Canvas shoes are actually the easiest to clean. You can readily put them in the washer and set in a gentle cycle to put out those unwanted marks. However, if your shoes have different material along with the canvass, don’t even think about putting them in the washer. For leather shoes, use a soft washcloth to remove the stains. With suede shoes, remove stains using a suede brush or rubber stone.

2. Add color
In time, our shoes also grow old. Their color, for one, isn’t like it once was. To remedy this, you can polish them. For leather shoes, they dry out as time flies. You may use a conditioning product to help restore the leather’s oils and also to keep it soft. For polishing, you may use cream formula. Stay away from those with wax as they actually remove moisture from the leather.

3. Minimize moisture damage
Once you purchase shoes, get on with your moisture damage control plan immediately. Spray your shoes with water protector to ward off rain and other moisture from the environment. Do this again every season, for a total of four sprays every year. When your leather shoes get wet, let them stand to dry instead of using blowers or any other heat sources. They usually shrink leather which in turn makes your shoe-life shorter.

4. Store properly
The key to making shoes last is to store them properly. It is advisable to keep shoes in covered storage to keep them in good condition. You can also opt to use cotton or felt shoes bags since plastic can actually dry your shoes. When using shoe racks, leave spaces in between them to avoid mixing up their colors since they tend to bleed to the other pair. Make sure to store them in room temperature as hot conditions shrink leather shoes. Most importantly, don’t store shoes when they’re still damp as they may develop odors, mildew or even molds.

5 Signs that Need a Licensed Plumber

A leaky faucet might seem harmless compared to life-threatening electrical problems, but water can cause as much property damage as fire, too. Extensive repairs and additional renovations to the damaged structure can rack up your plumbing cost, that is why you should not ignore the tell-tale signs that indicate you need to contact the best plumbing services in Singapore.

1. Pipe Leaks. Some leaks are very difficult to detect especially because the pipes are hidden in walls and floors. Usually you will see leaks in the joints of the pipes and faucets or see moisture on the walls or ceiling. In apartment complexes, sometimes the leaks can come from the ceiling if the unit above has an extensive leak in their plumbing system. Solving leaks, however, can be complicated if the building is old and has not been inspected by a PUB licensed plumber for quite some time. To fix broken pipes, you can hire an HDB plumbing contractor here in Singapore to perform a thorough inspection and know the cost of water pipe work throughout the building before new water lines can be installed.

2. Faucet Drips. This might seem harmless but dripping faucets can add to your water bill, not to mention waste a lot of precious water. In fact, some plumbers can even give you can accurate computation of how many gallons of water you waste in a month with a dripping faucet. This can be avoided through regular maintenance and repair by a reliable plumber. Some fixtures need to be replaced every few years after all.

3. Clogged Drain. This is a sign that your home has not had plumbing maintenance for a long time. If you experience this often, it might be time to call an emergency plumber to perform a thorough inspection of the drain lines, especially if the building is old. You might need to request the landlord to hire a plumbing contractor if the drain lines are clogged or worn out and need to be replaced. If the clog is limited only to your apartment, the plumber might recommend that you install a sink or a new bath or sink drain.

4. Runny Toilet. A clogged or runny toilet is an emergency that needs attention from a 24 hours plumber. If not addressed soon, the problem can cause not only inconvenience and embarrassment, but can even damage the floor of your apartment unit. A toilet bowl choke, quite a common household problem, can be fixed easily by a plumber, so don’t attempt to fix it by yourself using chemicals if you have no idea what has caused the clog. Regardless of any problem, you can call cheap plumbers to fix toilet bowl.

5. Broken Heater. You can also rely on the plumbing services company to install, maintain, and fix a broken heater. There could be a lot of issues that can cause the water heater to fail, such as sediment buildup, poor power supply, low water pressure, pilot light failure, thermostat problems, and others. Hire only the best plumbing workmen to extend the life of your water heater.

10 Signs of Air Conditioner Problems

Aircon maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your cooling systems, but even with regular aircon servicing, there are still some minor problems you need to watch out for.

Call the nearest home ac repair in Singapore if you see one of these warning signs.

• Strange Noises. Any unusual noise coming from your air conditioner is a cause for concern. There might be a loose or broken part that needs to be replaced. Turn off the unit and call an aircon repair.

• Blocked Air Flow. If you notice that the air flow is low, there might be a blockage in the ducts or the fan motor is not working properly. Leaving this problem for weeks can cause your air conditioner to use more energy. Call a maintenance crew to upkeep AC.

• Reduced Cooling. Lack of air flow is the cause for air conditioner not cooling. The aircon will have to work twice as hard to be effective and cause more problems as a result. Regular air conditioning services will prevent issues such as insufficient coolant levels, leaks, and overheating.

• Blowing Hot Air. When your poorly-maintained air conditioner finally starts to blow hot air, call an aircon repair crew immediately because the defective compressor may have failed, or a fuse has blown. This can be avoided, however, if a licensed technician in Singapore can fix cooling system as soon as problems start.

• Bad Odors. Lack of aircon conditioner cleaning not only leads to mechanical problems but will also make the unit a health hazard. The stink can be a sign that bacteria and molds are thriving in the dirty coils or ductwork of the air conditioner or that it has a clogged air filter. Clean AC to prevent these from happening.

• Signs of Moisture. The only liquid that should come out of the air conditioner is the condensation that collects in the drain pan. If there is moisture around or from the unit, then it is probably caused by a clogged air filter or a broken tube. Either way, call a professional contractor to service AC leaks and faulty aircon pipes here in Singapore. These experts are equipped with the right experiences and tools to get the job done in a timely manner.

• Failing Thermostat. The thermostat should be calibrated by a technician occasionally especially if it is a digital type because it is also prone to problems. In some cases, the technician will advise a replacement of the faulty thermostat because it is cheaper than buying a new air conditioner unit.

• No Blowing Air. If the air conditioner still produces cool air but there is no air coming out of the vents, then the compressor needs to be checked by a technician. Air conditioner cleaning might work, but it may also be a sign that the unit needs to be replaced especially if the air conditioner is over 10 years old.

• Humidity Issues. Not only is an air conditioner supposed to keep the room cool, but it must also keep humidity low. If the air conditioner is not working as it’s supposed to, it is time to call aircon servicing.

• Aging Unit. A well-maintained air conditioner can last up to 15 years, but some old models use freon instead of the modern refrigerants. The cost of aircon servicing becomes higher with an old unit. Perhaps it’s time for a replacement.