10 Signs of Air Conditioner Problems

Aircon maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your cooling systems, but even with regular aircon servicing, there are still some minor problems you need to watch out for.

Call the nearest home ac repair in Singapore if you see one of these warning signs.

• Strange Noises. Any unusual noise coming from your air conditioner is a cause for concern. There might be a loose or broken part that needs to be replaced. Turn off the unit and call an aircon repair.

• Blocked Air Flow. If you notice that the air flow is low, there might be a blockage in the ducts or the fan motor is not working properly. Leaving this problem for weeks can cause your air conditioner to use more energy. Call a maintenance crew to upkeep AC.

• Reduced Cooling. Lack of air flow is the cause for air conditioner not cooling. The aircon will have to work twice as hard to be effective and cause more problems as a result. Regular air conditioning services will prevent issues such as insufficient coolant levels, leaks, and overheating.

• Blowing Hot Air. When your poorly-maintained air conditioner finally starts to blow hot air, call an aircon repair crew immediately because the defective compressor may have failed, or a fuse has blown. This can be avoided, however, if a licensed technician in Singapore can fix cooling system as soon as problems start.

• Bad Odors. Lack of aircon conditioner cleaning not only leads to mechanical problems but will also make the unit a health hazard. The stink can be a sign that bacteria and molds are thriving in the dirty coils or ductwork of the air conditioner or that it has a clogged air filter. Clean AC to prevent these from happening.

• Signs of Moisture. The only liquid that should come out of the air conditioner is the condensation that collects in the drain pan. If there is moisture around or from the unit, then it is probably caused by a clogged air filter or a broken tube. Either way, call a professional contractor to service AC leaks and faulty aircon pipes here in Singapore. These experts are equipped with the right experiences and tools to get the job done in a timely manner.

• Failing Thermostat. The thermostat should be calibrated by a technician occasionally especially if it is a digital type because it is also prone to problems. In some cases, the technician will advise a replacement of the faulty thermostat because it is cheaper than buying a new air conditioner unit.

• No Blowing Air. If the air conditioner still produces cool air but there is no air coming out of the vents, then the compressor needs to be checked by a technician. Air conditioner cleaning might work, but it may also be a sign that the unit needs to be replaced especially if the air conditioner is over 10 years old.

• Humidity Issues. Not only is an air conditioner supposed to keep the room cool, but it must also keep humidity low. If the air conditioner is not working as it’s supposed to, it is time to call aircon servicing.

• Aging Unit. A well-maintained air conditioner can last up to 15 years, but some old models use freon instead of the modern refrigerants. The cost of aircon servicing becomes higher with an old unit. Perhaps it’s time for a replacement.