2015 Top Airlines

When we travel, we have to deal with long hauls especially if it is very far from Singapore. We do not have a choice unless we prefer travelling via land and boat. Flying is the easiest and the fastest means of transport. We only need to bear with it for a few hours if we really want to reach our destination.


For long hauls, we simply want enough legroom and comfortable seats. Unfortunately, not all airlines provide this amenity. The good news is that the CN Traveller UK provided a list of the top airlines for long hauls. The edition is published in the magazine’s 2015 Readers’ Travel Awards. We deserve a fine in-flight experience.

If we want to avoid the horror of travelling long hauls, we should know the best airlines and decide to avail of their services. These airlines may not be that cheap but at least we will have a comfortable flight. So, here are the top airlines voted by many travellers:

1. British Airways: Many people voted British Airways as the best airlines. The airlines is the flag carrier of United Kingdom with headquarters at London Heathrow. Actually it is the biggest airline based on its fleet size. The airline company offers different international flights.

2. Qatar: Qatar is the second most favourite airline for long haul travels. The airline is the flag carrier of Qatar with headquarters at Doha. It is known for its varied networks linking more than 100 international destinations. The airline company owns more than one hundred fifty planes.

3. Emirates: Emirates is based in Dubai and so far, it is the biggest airline in the Middle East. The company owns more than three thousand flights every week linking more than one hundred forty cities in seventy eight territories.

4. Qantas: Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier. Qantas is the world’s 3rd oldest airline.

5. Cathay Pacific: Cathay Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong. Cathay offers flights to more than 200 cities in the world with its fleet comprising of Airbuses and Boeings.


6. Singapore Airlines: We have the best airport so why not the best and the most favourite airline as well? The airline has a strong and established presence in South Asia, East Asia and Oceania.

7. Etihad: Etihad is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and it is the second largest airline next to Emirates.

8. Virgin Atlantic: Virgin Atlantic is a British airline headquartered at Crawley, England. In 2012, Virgin Atlantic carried more than five million passengers which made it the 7th largest airline in UK in terms of passengers.

9. Air New Zealand: Air New Zealand is the flag carrier of New Zealand headquartered in Auckland.

10. KLM: KLM will not be left behind at number ten. KLM is Netherland’s flag carrier based in Amstelveen. KLM is also called Royal Dutch Airlines.


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