3 Reasons to Spend a Week Away From Life in the City

Living in a modern world can be quite of a stress sometimes. All these busy streets and busy people, nobody seems to pause for a moment and think about the goodness and relaxation in life. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, everyone cares nothing less but to earn, spend, earn again, and spend again without really taking the time of their lives. They tend to getaway and forget to reconnect with the nature which should really happen in most of our lives.

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In Singapore, one of the most modernized countries in the world, only very few rural areas strive to survive in the recent times. Pulau Ubin in Singapore is one of the last rural areas in Singapore with about a hundred village settlers today is a small island lying near the north east of Singapore. It is a striving island that struggles to cope with the fast paced lifestyle of the people in the city.

This tiny island is rich with bountiful flowers and ornaments that makes the whole island alive and fully rejuvenating. It also supports number of migrating birds that serves as their shelter where threatened birds found refugee. It is such a satisfying feeling to live and be back in nature with all its peace and serenity. Here are three reasons for you to spend even a week away from your busy life in the city;

1. Re-connect and reunite with nature

Go green, see green. Life in the city is very different from the life in the province. In the city, everything is so fast and seems to be on a very tight schedule. Give yourself the chance to reunite with the things that you are deprived of doing when you are in the city. Spending a week in your favorite province or rural getaway destination helps you reconnect with nature.

Get acquainted with the life where all you can see are green trees, blossoming flowers, free birds flying above you and not those sky-high tall buildings, thousands of cars on the streets and planes flying above. Spend time in going to the riverbanks, catch a fish, take a long ride in your favorite bike, or you can even try to plant trees and pick your favorite flower from a flower farm. Just imagine hundreds of things that you can do to reunite with Mother Nature! It’s never too late to come back anyways.


2. Back to basics – celebrate life in its simple form

When you are on a rural getaway – try to move away from the hypnotizing and addictive call of your gadgets and updated technology. Try to spend a day without watching television. Or try to spend your time without looking and checking out your phone. Also, try to get away from doing things in an instant way.

Take your time – live as if you are living in an ancient era, where technology is just a figment of one’s imagination. There is nothing more pleasurable and satisfying than living a life in its simplest form – simple means of survival, simple means of feeling human again. Go and open your window, listen to the peaceful music of the birds singing on your trees, find serenity, bring back your inner peace!

3. Cook and eat the freshest food nature can offer

Because living in a modern world deprives you the chance to eat and grab the best and fresh foods that you deserve, when you are on a vacation outside the city, try to grab a fresh meal. Pick the ingredients yourself – go on a near farm or even a backyard. Cook them without the luxury of preservatives and artificial flavorings. Cook vegetables that you freshly picked yourself.

You can try a fresh vegetable salad, or cook savory meals with no artificial flavorings – just pure goodness of the fresh vegetable that your garden offers. Or enjoy the sweetness and mouthwatering natural flavors of fruits around the backyard. You can have the chance to eat something that you know is fresh while at the same time nourishing your body. So go and have fun under the sun while enjoying a healthy lifestyle at the same time!

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