3 Types of Train Passengers in Singapore

There’s no doubt that everytime you ride on a train, you will be pissed off because there are so many passengers. It makes you so uncomfortable that you wanted to punch them one by one. On the other hand, you will also feel great because there are times that you will some people that you know. It might be your college friend, your past neighbor or it may be your longtime crush. Since there are so many characters in train, identifying them would at least help you prepare for the clash inside the train.


1. Hot Chick or Guy – Yes, everytime you ride a train, you will notice people that makes your eyes dazzle. They might not be the good one but at least they can make your ride complete. You will definitely look at them like there’s no tomorrow but when they look at you, you’ll make a sweet wink or a little sway with the hair. However, in reality, they do not care whether they look at you or you look at them. All they care is that they arrive safe on their destination.

2. The Headphone Guy – Have you seen them banging their heads like they own the train? This might be a person who has some problems with his head or maybe he likes the song that he needed to head bang while riding on the train.


3. The Eater – For sure, you are one of this. Even if the train is so full, they still makes way to eat. Not because they just want to boast what they are eating but to show that they are very hungry. It’s crazy; nevertheless it’s true.


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