4 Places to Check Out if You Want the Best for Your Pets

Treating your pet to a luxurious vacation or the best pampering experience can be hard, considering the time you have to allot together and the limited places in Singapore you can go to. Let’s be honest here. If you work six days a week, sometimes the idea of spending your Sunday researching and exploring around isn’t really as appealing as sleeping in the whole day to regain your energy.

But if you just know the right places to visit, giving your pet the pamper he deserves can be a piece of cake! You will be surprised at how there are some quality establishments in the city which can tend after your pet. At times, it might even make you wish you knew of it sooner.

The Wagington
Known for its slogan “for the purr-fect staycation”, The Wagington offers 38 pet suites with sizes depending on what your pet needs. The place is perfect if you plan to go on a personal holiday or when something urgent came up and a dog-sitter is nowhere to be found.

Pets would feel pampered at the faux leather beds inside their 24-hour air-conditioned rooms. Complimentary meals are served twice a day, too. They will also get a chance to have two fitness walks outdoors by the Doghill Garden and plenty time of socializing with other guests.

RA Healing Centre
This center provides holistic care for your pets. Just like humans, pets also need their tender loving care when they are under the weather. Pet owners are oftentimes guilty at overlooking this because of their busy work schedule or stress. RA Healing center offers animal rehabilitation services if you want to enhance your pet’s road to recovery from a disease or an injury.

Trained practitioners can also give your pets an hour-long therapy massage for 50 SGD, as well as a chiropractic treatment that stimulates your pet’s body healing abilities.

Barking Good
Pets love it when their owners reward them with tasty treats. However, many off-the-shelf dog treats are full of harmful additives and preservatives which can be harmful. Choose to get all-natural, human-grade dog treats that are proven by nutritionists to be safe for pet consumption. Barking Good is an online store that offers healthy but tasty goodies for your dog. They also offer dog birthday cakes perfect for your dog’s next birthday just around the corner!

Woofer and Purrlensky
Woofer and Purrlensky is one of the most unique pet stores in Singapore. Located along the many shophouses in Chinatown, the store sells luxury goods for your beloved pet. Dresses for your dog or cat in a variety of designs and colors are available at the store perfect for your pet’s next dress-up session. Another remarkable item is the grooming gift set, which includes a microfiber towel and organic oatmeal soap for your dog.

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