5 of the Best Cafés in Singapore


Singapore is known for being a shopping and dining capital in Southeast Asia. As one of, if not the busiest ports in the world, Singapore has become a melting pot of cultures as evidenced in our food or the people themselves.


The hustle and bustle of this busy city, however, makes it difficult for anyone to look for a serene place to probably enjoy a cup of coffee while basking in the ambience of the beautiful cityscape of Singapore or to simply love the company of good friends or of a good book.

Cafés come to mind when we think of a place where we can do those things. And so with that, we listed down some of the best cafés offering the best coffees in Singapore.

  1. Ronin

The coffee they use here is a blend imported from Australia and is considered as one of the best in Singapore. Ronin’s coffee has a strong and full flavor and is best served together with cream or milk. A lot of people consider the café a great place to relax in while sipping a delicious cup of Joe. Some people also enjoy brunching in Ronin, particularly with their French toast.

  1. Symmetry

The best part of Symmetry is their ambience, which makes the café an ideal place for those who love a relaxing atmosphere. Their coffee, imported from Guatemala, isn’t too bad either being a full-bodied blend of chocolaty and nutty flavors. The most popular thing in the menu is the truffle fries that are best paired with waffles for one of the best brunching experiences you’ll ever have.

  1. Nylon Coffee Roasters

Nylon is best for those who have a great appreciation for the sheer taste of coffee. Nylon brews their own coffee, though their flavors are inspired by international tastes. The espresso blend depends on the season. That’s why the flavor constantly changes. All this makes Nylon as one of the most recommended cafes in all of Singapore.


  1. Department of Caffeine

While coffee is their main business, it’s not all about the drink at the Department of Caffeine. In fact, they may even be better known for their food. This has made it a popular choice for diners and it is almost always packed with customers. For those looking for an ambience of a café but would like to enjoy the food of a restaurant, the Department of Caffeine is something that should be strongly considered.

  1. Yellow Cup Coffee

If you want to brighten up your day, Yellow Cup is the place for you. The vibrant ambience of the place would cheer almost anyone instantly. Plus, the coffee is just as cheerful as well drawing inspiration from Hawaiian flavors but with coffee sourced from different parts of the world most especially from Africa.


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