5 Secret Wonders of Jakarta

Want to visit Indonesia but think you’ve visited Batam too often? Well, there’s a lot of places to visit in Indonesia, especially in metropolitan Jakarta, and we’re not even talking about the high-rise buildings and mega-malls. Here are 5 locations in “the Big Durian” to satiate your wanderlust.


 1.       Café Batavia

Located in the second-oldest building in the city, Café Batavia is a premiere dining destination with its history, romantic setting, and sheer prestige. The café is within a 200 years old building, which gives a glimpse of 19th century Jakarta, and features classical decorations and, of course, a sumptuous menu. Open 24 hours, it’s an ideal place for a long dinner or lunch date.

2.       Jalan Surabaya Market

This one’s for the budget wanderers. No other market in Indonesia offers the same range and bargain value as Surabaya flea market. Here you’ll find anything from old gramophones, to pottery replicas, to wood carvings to antique chandeliers. Just remember though: if the price is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t. Even if you don’t make any purchases, the place is great as a photo background.

3.       Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Another destination for history-and-travel buffs, the Sunda Kelapa harbour features ships that were hand-made in Sulawesi and using the same design as those made 200 years ago. For a once in a lifetime experience, you can request to board one of the ships and hire a local for a short “voyage” around the place. It’s probably the closest you can come to time travel by sea.


4.       Udang Seafood

A large crowd is a great indicator of good food, so don’t be surprised if you find a drove of happy eaters at Udang Seafood in the Penjaringan sub-district in Jakarta’s northside. What makes the place excellent is that not only are their food delicious, they’re very cheap too. Thirty bucks is normally more than enough for a full meal.

5.       Sasikirana Spa

As the 12th largest city in the world, expect Jakarta to wear you down a bit. Get rid of the stress before you come home by visiting Sasikirana Spa at Jl. Kolonel Sugiono, Duren Sawit. This massage is known for its deep-healing massage, as well as the great ambiance and friendly therapists. They offer different types of massages and other services, as well as products you can take home with you.



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