5 Smart Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Wedding Planning

If you’re going to personally plan your wedding, then learning how to use Pinterest is a must. You can use it to pin ideas and inspiration for dresses, photoshoots, flowers and even décors. Just be careful with too much pinning though as it can lead to a wedding that’s way off your budget. So take a break from your usual wedding pinning routine and try these five smart ways of using Pinterest to plan your wedding.


  1. Get Theme Ideas. Do you already have a theme for your wedding? If none, then it might be time to turn to Pinterest for some help. Whether you’re planning to have an old barn theme or something more upscale, Pinterest has you covered. So start pinning those unique wedding themes now.


  1. Pin DIY Wedding Projects. If you’re more of a DIY bride, then Pinterest is just the perfect website for you. Not only is it filled with tons of unique DIY wedding projects, it’ll also make your wedding a lot easier to plan. So whether you’re going to use mason jars as your centrepiece, or you just want to do something unique with your wedding favours, Pinterest have all the great DIY ideas just for you.


  1. Provide Cake Inspiration. The wedding cake is the focal point of any wedding, so you’d definitely want it to be mind-blowing. With Pinterest, you can make this possible. From finding just the perfect cake for your theme to making your own, Pinterest has everything covered. Trust us, there’s just tons of cake designs in Pinterest and you’ll definitely find one that perfectly fits your theme.


  1. Contain Other Person’s Ideas. Other than giving you tons of ideas for your wedding, you can also use Pinterest to contain the ideas of your relatives and friends. Invite the over-helpful to create her own board on Pinterest and let them pin their ideas. Who knows, you might find some interesting ideas in their boards that you haven’t considered yet.


  1. Guide for Guests. Another great way to use Pinterest apart from pinning wedding ideas, is using it to guide your guests in finding your wedding and event locations. Simply pin photos of your ceremony site, reception venue and other locations. Just make sure that fill out the description field to let your guest know what each location is.

Planning a wedding is really stressful, but with the help of websites like Pinterest, getting ideas, inspirations and organizing your wedding can already be as easy as clicking a few buttons on your phone.


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