5 Things Men Dislike about Women


We women think we’re perfect – and we really are – but there are times that we do less-than-perfect things, which annoy the hell out of our partners. Well, to keep the most important man in your life, why not try toning down the drama a little bit. Here, we listed down some of things that women do that bother guys the most.

  1. Messaging Him Every Hour

Sure, there’s no problem is you want to know if your man is doing fine or not, but texting or calling him every other hour? Well, that’s not quite right. While you may think that it’s your own sweet way of showing that you care for him, men are often annoyed when their partners show this kind of clinginess to them. Instead, wait for your guy to call or message you. Understand that putting a little distance in your relationship will help in making it stronger and happier.

  1. Spying on Everything He Does

Perhaps you’d want to know everything about your man – what he’s doing or who he’s talking with – which is why you feel that going through his drawer and checking his phone is mandatory. Before you go all Sherlock on him, however, consider thinking if you’d like it if he did the same thing to you. You surely wouldn’t want him to find that granny undies you’ve been hiding, right? So respect the little secrets that he’s keeping the same way he does with yours.

  1. Talking Too Much

If your guy’s not doing the talking, then somebody has to, right? This is why take all the stories that we have and spill them for the entertainment of those around. Well, guess what? This habit is hardly a man-pleasing habit, since most men prefer maintaining their silence. So if you want to keep your guy happy, learn when to shut your wagging tongue.

  1. Nagging

This is one trait that nobody likes, be it the male or female population. Surely, you get annoyed every time your mom nags at you about the most random of things. So if you want to keep your relationship happy, avoid constantly finding a fault in everything your guy does or constantly telling him what to do.

  1. Being Unreasonably Jealous

We do love it when our man gets all possessive, but everything changes the moment he turns borderline psychopathic. Imagine what would happen if you did this to your man just because he talked with another woman. So ignore those jealousy pangs, even if you’ve been wanting to gouge out the eyes of the woman who’s chit-chatting with your beau.

While you may some traits that your significant other finds annoying, rest assured that his love for you is still greater than those things. So make him love you even more by changing any of the negative traits that you may have.

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