5 Tips to Rock the Layered Clothing Look

Layering clothes is one of the best ways to create a new look, as well as breathe new life to your old clothing pieces. The clothing combinations are just endless and you’ll be surprised as to how many looks you’ll be able to come up with simple flannels, leggings, and plain white racer backs. So start rocking that layered clothing now with these five easy tricks.


  1. Work On a Colour. A good way to start layering your pieces is to work with a colour tone and keep things within the colour family. If you’re going for neutral layers, stick with neutral shades; if you’re playing with jewel tones, keep every piece in such colours.
  1. Pay Attention to Proportions. In order to achieve a trendier look, always remember to pay attention to proportions. When it comes to layering an outerwear, expert stylists always remind us that the hem of your coat should never extend too far below the hem of your dress, unless it almost touches the ground.
  1. Mix and Match Prints. When mixing patterns and prints, always remember to keep one thing the same, perhaps the tone or the colour, to pull together all the elements. You can work on matching big and small prints, or have everything in the same scale but with inverted or different colours. If you’re daring enough, try working with chequered and stripes or polka dots and plaids.


  1. Pair Light With Heavy. Working on texture is crucial when it comes to sporting layered clothing. Stylists suggest wearing light clothing pieces with something heavy, such as silk and cashmere, but never wear bulky and heavy pieces together.
  1. Play With Multiple Layers of Jacket. Other than dresses and tops, outerwear like jackets are also great layering pieces. For instance, a parka layered with a heavier coat gives femininity to your oversized jacket while adding some texture to your look. There’s just a number of ways to layer with your outerwear, so don’t hesitate to play with each piece and find the look that you like the most.

Layering clothing pieces is the best way to come up with a new ensemble without purchasing new set of wardrobe. So, go ahead and experiment with your existing closet finds for additional outfits you can wear at work, meetings, school, or night outs.


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