5 ways to help keep your shoes in good condition

Every walk of life needs tools to do just that – walk their chosen path in life. Whether in business or in any other field, we have to literally make our path and our mark. In each day we spend at work, we have basic needs and one of these is clothing. What punctuates our outfits are the shoes we pair them with. We have to make sure that not only are our shoes stylish, they have to be comfortable as well. They need to be both efficient and pleasing to the eyes.

Just meeting these requirements has our work cut out for us. So here are a few tips to help you keep your shoes in good condition:

1. Remove stains immediately
There are just some times when we can’t avoid getting stain on our shoes, no matter how careful we are. So to make sure they don’t stick around longer than they’re supposed to, make sure to clean your shoes immediately. For different materials used in our shoes, they also have different ways to clean them. Canvas shoes are actually the easiest to clean. You can readily put them in the washer and set in a gentle cycle to put out those unwanted marks. However, if your shoes have different material along with the canvass, don’t even think about putting them in the washer. For leather shoes, use a soft washcloth to remove the stains. With suede shoes, remove stains using a suede brush or rubber stone.

2. Add color
In time, our shoes also grow old. Their color, for one, isn’t like it once was. To remedy this, you can polish them. For leather shoes, they dry out as time flies. You may use a conditioning product to help restore the leather’s oils and also to keep it soft. For polishing, you may use cream formula. Stay away from those with wax as they actually remove moisture from the leather.

3. Minimize moisture damage
Once you purchase shoes, get on with your moisture damage control plan immediately. Spray your shoes with water protector to ward off rain and other moisture from the environment. Do this again every season, for a total of four sprays every year. When your leather shoes get wet, let them stand to dry instead of using blowers or any other heat sources. They usually shrink leather which in turn makes your shoe-life shorter.

4. Store properly
The key to making shoes last is to store them properly. It is advisable to keep shoes in covered storage to keep them in good condition. You can also opt to use cotton or felt shoes bags since plastic can actually dry your shoes. When using shoe racks, leave spaces in between them to avoid mixing up their colors since they tend to bleed to the other pair. Make sure to store them in room temperature as hot conditions shrink leather shoes. Most importantly, don’t store shoes when they’re still damp as they may develop odors, mildew or even molds.