5 Ways to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

In search for some stylish alternatives of your favourite skinnies? Then opt for hottest denim trend, the boyfriend jeans. With its distressed details and roomy silhouette, this clothing piece pairs effortlessly with every lady-like heels, girly tops and fun accessories. Still not sure as to how you can style your boyish bottom? Read on to find out some of the chic and cool ways on how you can style those hot pants.


  1. Go Simple. If there is one thing that you can surely get away with while wearing your boyfriend jeans, it would be not trying too hard to style it. The best way to do it? Throw on an oversize white tee, some minimal accessories and a pair of your favourite heels. Just with these basic pieces, you’re already good to go.
  1. Accessorize Them. A good way to dress up your good ol’ boyfriend jeans is to ensure that all the accessories you’re wearing are sharper than the pants itself. Pair it up with a crisp button-up, a sleek pair of loafers and a brightly coloured structured bag. If you want, you can further accessorize it by wearing a headband and cat-eye shades.


  1. Belt Them Up. If there’s one problem in wearing boyfriend jeans, it would be its loose fit especially in the waist area – and having your pants hanging off your body is anything but stylish. So throw your favourite belt on your trousers and slowly build your accessories around it.
  1. Put Some Coat On. Ever heard of the fashion rule stating that boyfriend jeans and oversized coats will never get along? Guess what, it’s not true at all. You can totally rock that style, but just ensure that your coat is more architectural than your pants. The tightly-bound waist, loud colour and rolled up sleeves will definitely show the trés-feminine look that your boyfriend jeans can give.
  1. Layer On. Wearing layers with boyfriend jeans can be a very tricky business, because throwing on too many layers can make you look shapeless and frumpy. To avoid this, opt for a more fitted pair of jeans and pair it with the layers of a white button-up and a slouchy black sweater.

It may seem like quite tricky to do, but styling your boyfriend jeans is actually easy especially if you already have all the right pieces to pair with it as well as all the right styling tips in mind.


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