6 Best Sunscreens for Optimum Sun Protection

Living in a country that’s has a tropical weather like Singapore guarantees that we’re constantly exposed to the sun. This may be good news for beach lovers who want to get than sun-kissed look but this also means the skin is constantly bared to the harsh rays of the sun.


Nowadays, it’s important to always wear sunscreen to ensure protection from harmful UV rays. Before we venture to the best sunscreens, let us first learn the difference of UVA and UVB. UVA is the type of UV rays that penetrates and damages the deeper level of the skin while UVB causes sunburn and redness, superficial damages to the skin.

The list below provides some of the best sunscreen brands for excellent sun protection.


  1. Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh with SPF 50

This sunscreen by Nivea is water-resistant, perfect for days spent at the beach. Its SPF 50 gives the ideal level of sun protection. It’s in the form of a spray mist so it’s easier and more convenient to apply. Just spray it on the whole body, let it be absorbed by the skin for several minutes and finally you can frolic under the sun, as long as you constantly re-apply it.


  1. Daylong SPF 50+ Face & Body Gel

This oil-free formulation is a double duty product, a good sun protection for the face and body. It is not harsh on sensitive and oily skin because despite its high SPF levels, it does not irritate the skin. From the company that manufactures the popular skincare brand Cetaphil, Daylong claims that its UV protection sunscreen formula is medical-grade.


  1. Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50+

The unscented formulation of Bioderma both mattifies and moisturizes the skin. It has also ingredients that can protect the skin cells from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. For those people who regularly wear sunscreen, this brand’s shine-free finish is perfect to be worn under makeup.


  1. Aesop Protective Body Lotion SPF50

This is Aesop’s first SPF product for the body. It is water-resistant and can protect the skin for up to four hours. This is perfect for most types of skin because of its lightweight formulation that can be easily soaked in the skin.


  1. Algovital White Sun Protection Cream SPF50 PA+++

Korean brand Algovital’s sunscreen product easily settles into the skin once applied. It also doesn’t leave a white cast and greasy feel when applied. It’s a great makeup base because it does not contain paraben. In addition, regular use of this sun lotion will not cause breakouts because it is non-comedogenic.


  1. Lancaster SPF 50 PA+++ Sun Control for Sensitive Skin

This cream is ultra-light and oil-free, melting and gliding onto the skin perfectly. It keeps skin hydrated and protected from the harsh heat of the sun. Its excellent formula consists of active ingredients that help control the production of melanin in the skin, preventing the formation of sun spots. Special components in its formula such as D Panthenol and Bisabolol downplays the skin’s reaction to being exposed to the sun.

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