8 ways to raise your puppy

Dogs are noted to be man’s best friends. Needless to say, it’s always nice to have a dog, especially ones trained with tricks. As early as the puppy stage, you can train your dog its toilet manners and teach him different tricks. Playing with your dog also helps you get relief from stress after a day’s work.

1. Consider your puppy a toddler
Think of an empty hard drive or computer disk. Put entries that you can save. That’s exactly how it’s like teaching a youngster how to do things the right way. Just the same with your dog, his empty mind can be easily taught. Remember the saying? You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

2. Have patience
Repetitive training means a lot. After all, you are trying to teach a habit for your puppy. So have patience in teaching him, keep calm and be assertive when training. Don’t get upset when your puppy does something wrong or causes an accident. Remember they are puppies, they really don’t know any better.

3. Prepare for your puppy a place of his own
Your puppy will feel secure if he has a place of his own where he can nap or take a breather. Others may prepare a crate so as to contain the puppy especially when busy, so they won’t have to worry whether the puppy is off chewing off someone’s slipper.

4. Establish eye contact
Just like a baby or toddler, establish eye contact when talking to them. For puppies, call their attention and make sure he looks at you when you make a command. That way, the puppy will know from the tone of your voice whether you are angry or pleased with him. In the future, the puppy will know whether he made a mistake just by looking at you or listening to the first word you said.

5. Don’t distract them
During training, make sure not to distract them when trying to teach them something. Like little kids, they need to focus when they’re learning new stuff so it’s best to hold back when you just want to cuddle them instead of teaching them.

6. Discipline them
Avoid giving in to things that will become a big problem in the future. Large dogs are fond of jumping at people as if they’re still puppies. If your pup does this, make sure to correct him once his size gets a little too big to cuddle.

7. Socializing
Enroll in puppy manners and home obedience. Socialize and expose your puppy to people and other dogs. This will be valuable in his training.

8. Health and good grooming
Puppies are just like babies, they need to have frequent naps during the day. Also make sure to have some exercise for your puppy. A scheduled bath time is also needed as part of his training.