A Community’s Worst Nightmare

It is really heartbreaking when we hear news about young people here in Singapore committing suicide. According to the statistics from last year, there was an increase in suicidal rate among Singaporeans aged 20 to 29 years old. These are young people that should have been just starting to fulfil their dreams. Agencies like the Samaritan of Singapore (SOS) are doing their best to prevent the increase of such cases which brings light on a rather grave situation.


Why young people in Singapore commit suicide, considering that we are a prosperous nation:

  • They expect so many things that they desire to happen in their lives
  • They want more than what they can have
  • The need for more is constant and everywhere
  • Other stressful life events and interpersonal relationship issues grip their lives everyday

How to prevent this new generation of Singaporeans from killing themselves:

  • Involvement of the community in encouraging these young people to voice out what they are feeling inside.
  • Families love and support is very critical in any area of these young people’s lives.
  • Personal faith of these young people should be established.
  • Agency’s advocacies about the prevention of suicides should be carried out by all of the people in Singapore.
  • Engage these young people in extracurricular activities that will divert their minds from the stresses of life and make them more productive in the community.