Advantages of Hiring a Second Photographer for Your Wedding

Whether or not to get a second photographer is a question couple often have to discuss at length when getting a Korean wedding photography package. A second photographer usually just acts as an assistant to the primary photographer, but there are several ways how they can add endless value to your wedding album. With that in mind, we listed down some of the advantages you’ll get when you hire a second photographer.

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1. Shoot Moments in Different Places

Regardless of how skilled the photographer you hired from your bridal studio may be, he will still be unable to put himself in two places at once and capture all the important moments of your special day. This means you’ll end up deciding what coverage should be taken off your shot list when you realize that the location your fiancé is getting ready at is a twenty-minute ride away from where you’re staying, or when you need to take couple portraits at the same time as your group photos.

By including a second photographer in your Korean wedding photography package, however, you won’t need to make this decision. Aside from assuring that nothing gets missed throughout the wedding, it also gives you and your partner who love korean pre-wedding photo by Whitelink in Singapore the opportunity to relive your wedding from different perspectives and see parts of the day that you would otherwise never have a chance to see.

2. Capture Photos in Various Angles and Viewpoints

Perhaps you want to have a photo of your reaction as your groom slips the ring on your finger, but you also want a shot of your hands as the exchange takes place. This is where the second shooter becomes handy in your overseas photoshoot and wedding. Only through hiring one will you be able to capture both of these once-in-a-lifetime moments in differing angles and vantage points. Another example is when the lead photographer focuses on capturing the moment the bride throws the bouquet, the second photographer can take candid photos of the ladies trying to catch it.

Remember that there are a lot of different viewpoints for an exact same scene and hiring a second photographer for your Korea pre-wedding and actual day will guarantee that you get a few varieties of all the special moments of your wedding. After all, he has the freedom to experiment with these unique angles and take photos that’s impossible for a single photographer to capture alone.

3. Provide More Wedding Day Coverage

During your overseas photoshoot and wedding, your lead photographer will most likely focus on properly capturing the ‘must-have’ shots, leaving and missing out on some of the small but important elements of your special day (e.g. bridal dresses, wedding gowns, invitations and decors). By hiring a second photographer, you can have your primary shooter work on capturing the bigger details of your wedding while the other focus on taking photos of the smaller and candid moments of the affair.

Having your main photographer include an assistant shooter in his Korean wedding photography package will help him capturing and giving you twice as many candid photos that will make your album more complete and heart-warming.


4. Reduce Stress While Giving Better Results

Weddings can be really stressful both for the bride and the photographer alike. While he might not show it, long days of analysing his shots, making fast decisions and keeping a positive attitude will take a toll on your photographer regardless of how experienced he is in the wedding photography industry. A good way to alleviate such stress is to hire a second shooter to serve as an assistant for your lead photographer. The second shooter will be able to take some of the works of capturing photos, thus lessening the pressure your lead Korea pre-wedding and actual day photographer might be experiencing.

5. Serve as Back-Up for When Something Goes Missing

Another advantage of hiring a second photographer is that you get to have some back-ups in case your lead shooter missed capturing some special moments – especially the simple moments that are constantly happening in the wedding. Family members sharing a good laugh after not seeing each other for years, your friends enjoying themselves at your wedding and everyone just sharing hugs and smiles. These moments happen all night long and not all of them can be captured in photos. With two photographers around, however, the odds are pretty good that all these simple and special moments won’t be missed.

6. Act as an Insurance Policy

Regardless of how carefully you plan your wedding, some bad things might still happen – a memory card failure or a broken equipment at the wrong moment of the wedding. With a second photographer, however, the risk of encountering such problems will be greatly minimized. So if possible, have a second shooter included in your wedding photography package so that if the need arises and something goes wrong, he can immediately take charge of the wedding and continue like he is the lead photographer.

Hiring a second photographer for your wedding offers a lot of advantages, from providing assistance to your lead shooter to giving you better quality photos. So be sure to have one included in your wedding photography package early on so you could enjoy the benefits of having two professional photographers capturing all the special moments of your wedding day.

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