Alkaline Ionized Water: The Secret for Better Dental Health

Gum diseases, mouth ulcers, and dental fluorosis are among the most common mouth diseases that people in Singapore experience. Some of these cases are often caused by stress, poor diet, and prescription medication that disturb the natural pH level of the mouth.


If you want to improve your overall dental health, make sure your mouth maintains a certain level of alkalinity that’s no less than 7.0 at all times. If, in case, development of mouth sore or any mouth problem is inevitable, ionized acidic water is an effective solution to ease the pain and speed up the healing process. Here are a few more things you may want to know about alkaline water and the wonders it can do for a better dental health.

Alkaline for Brushing, Acidic for Rinsing

When brushing your teeth, use alkaline water from Singapore to wet your toothbrush. The ionized water will help the toothpaste to do better in cleaning your teeth and removing the bacteria from your teeth and gums.

If you’re using toothpaste for extra whitening or sensitive teeth, the same minerals that help the body absorb the water’s nutrients better can help your teeth to easily absorb the properties of your special toothpaste.

However, when rinsing, make use of acidic water instead of alkaline water. It has the same properties with most mouthwash that you use to rinse your mouth. The ionized acidic water will wash away any remaining toothpaste in your teeth and the remaining bacteria in your mouth.

Most people who use acidic water for mouth-washing notice that there’s a big improvement in the texture and colour of their gums and that problems with bleeding gums slowly fades away after several times of use such water.

Lastly, rinsing the toothbrush with the water will kill any remaining bacteria after brushing. The acidity of the ionized water can help reduce development of germs when the toothbrush is not in use.


Mouth Ulcers

Also known as canker sore, mouth ulcer is a mouth disease that almost anyone of us experience at some point in our lives. The common causes of this are weak immune system and side effects of some prescription drugs, as well as stress and over-consumption of acid-producing food.

A couple of over-the-counter treatments offer relief, but most of them are extremely painful and sometimes do very little to help heal the sores. Mouthwashes also help in the healing process, but many of these products available in most Singapore drugstores contain artificial colouring, sweeteners, and alcohol that many try to avoid. If yours is a chronic case, the cost of mouthwashes and over-the-counter prescriptions can add up overtime.

Acidic water from ionizing water filter has been used by many to alleviate the pain caused by mouth ulcers and speed up healing process. Unlike most over-the-counter treatments, ionized water has no alcohol or any chemicals; therefore nothing artificial that will enter your bloodstream.

Gargling ionized acidic water for 30 to 60 seconds can already help in relieving the pain. In most cases, the wounds heal more quickly than when left to heal on their own or treated with over-the-counter drugs.

Safety of Ionized Acidic Water When Swallowed

Whether it’s a mouthwash or a topical ointment, chances are you are going to swallow some of it. The same thing goes with ionized acidic water.

However, the difference is what you will be swallowing. Although it’s not recommended for drinking, ionized acidic water doesn’t contain chemicals, artificial colouring, and alcohol. It is water that’s made acidic through acidic separation done in an ionizing water filter.

If swallowing a small amount of such water concerns you a lot, you can treat your mouth sore by spraying the ionized water or lightly dabbing the affected area with a clean cloth that’s soaked in ionized acidic water.

Keep in mind that drinking alkaline water can boost your immune system and helps correct imbalances that causes dental health problems. Using ionized water as a topical treatment can greatly help in speeding up the healing process and keeping your mouth healthy inside out.


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