Being Careful: Preventing Falls

Many people do not take falling seriously. You should know that falls are very critical especially for older people. Some falls are less serious than the others. Regardless, all falls should be noted since one fall can lead to serious injuries if left unattended. The causes of falls vary but generally, people with osteoporosis, impaired vision, taking medication and those that are not exercising regularly are prone to falls. Furthermore, outside or environmental forces (poor lighting, unsteady furniture, loose rugs, etc.) should also be noticed.


If you have an elder person in the house, you have the responsibility to look after them. Here are some things that you can do for your loved ones to prevent falls:

Walk Through

When you are dealing with your elders, think of them like your babies. You do not want them to fall or trip because it can harm them and there are possibilities that they cannot take injuries because their bone structure is weak. Elders are like that too. You have to conduct a walk through around the house and see what needs to be done.

Install Items

If you identified that more handrails are needed, you should install more. Elders have higher chances of tripping when the floor is slippery. In the bathroom for example, you can consider installing grab bars. You can also consider purchasing non-skid mats. More importantly, install additional lighting so the elders can clearly see their paths.


Change the Environment

Change is necessary especially if it is for the better. If you notice things that need to be changed, you should do it. For example, you should remove oversized furniture pieces so your elders can walk freely. You also need to think about adding a portable shower head. Remember to repair floor cracks. Changing the environment is a little sacrifice. Do not risk the safety of your elders.