Best Warm-Up Tips for Novice and Experienced Singers

Even as professional singer in Singapore, you might have experienced moments when you felt like you’ve lost control over your voice. Doing proper voice warm-ups are essential to decrease the likelihood of experiencing such issues. As a singer, you should be aware of the important warm-up techniques that will help you have a flawless sounding voice. To serve as a refresher, here are three important tips to properly warm-up your voice.


1. Practice Breathing Awareness

Controlling your airflow is an effective way for you to control your voice, but this alone, is not the solution to your problem. Yes, air flow contributes on how well you speak or sing, but you should practice breathing awareness all the time, as well as the awareness that you’re in control of it.

There are several exercises that you can do to control your breathing during your singing lessons

1. Get a regular tissue and pinch its edge between your fingers and place it in front of your mouth.

2. Breathe out in a way that you’re getting all of the air out of your lungs.

3. After that, start breathing in and out gently.

4. Continue breathing in and out gently, but this time, do it without moving the tissue in front of you.

This is the simplest technique that many voice instructors use in their vocal training Singapore to improve the breathing control of their students during voice warm-ups.

2. Gain Control Over Your Vocal Cords

The vocal cords play a vital role in singing, which is why learning how to control them during your Millet singing lessons in singapore is necessary to create melodic voice. Depending on the outcome you want to achieve, having full control over your vocal chords and breathing creates different pitches of your voice.

3. Properly Open Your Mouth

The last tip would be to practice opening properly your mouth as this will greatly affect the sound you produce. Having full control on the tone of your voice will make it easier for you to pronounce each word. Through undergoing proper vocal training Singapore, you’ll be able to learn to do this consciously and subconsciously once you’ve mastered the technique.


Voice Warm-Up Myths

Just like in any other practices, doing a voice warm-up also has its own share of myths that most novice and even experienced singers believe. These myths are as follows:

• Learning to fully control the diaphragm. As it is one of the semi-involuntary muscles in our body, having a full control over our diaphragm is impossible. Holding our breath at your singing lessons is the only thing that we can do to affect the way it functions. But if you hold on to your breath for too long, your diaphragm will still force you to start breathing again.

• Tiptoeing while practicing will help you hit the high notes.Standing up on tiptoe has nothing to do with hitting all the high notes. In fact, standing flat is the best way to get the support you need in singing the high notes as you practice.

• Drinking too hot or too cold drinks will ruin your voice.
This myth came about because of the belief that cold drinks will shock the vocal folds, or even freeze them. The same thing goes for hot drinks. However, this myth might vary from one person to another as some find drinks, such as hot tea, soothing for their throat, while there are also some who swear that it will damage their singing voice.


It’s necessary for each singer to master the basics of singing lessons voice warm-ups. If you’re just starting a career as a singer, then working with a voice coach will help you master these techniques easily and quickly. Mastering these three techniques will definitely result to well-performed, well-controlled and dynamic singing.

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