Blow-Drying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Remember the glamorous feeling that you got when you first stepped out of the salon wearing your perfectly bouncy hair blowout? Amazing, right? But the hot mess that you made at home while recreating that same look? Not that much. To help you get closer to the blowout utopia, we’ve listed some of the blow-drying mistakes that you might be making, as well as the ways on how you can possibly fix them.

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  1. Holding Your Brush the Wrong Way. When doing your hair blowout, it’s quite normal to hold your blow-dryer with your more dominant hand and leave your brush with the weaker hand. But guess what? You’re actually doing it wrong. It may feel more natural that way, but you’ll need better dexterity in controlling your brush and getting your blowout done with less exertion and less time. Retrain yourself to blow-dry the right way, and you’ll see better blowout results.
  1. Blow-Drying with Super Wet Hair. Believe it or not, your hair should be 60 percent dry before you start blow-drying it, since exposing your soaking wet hair to too much heat will only lead to more hair damage and frizz. Before starting your blow-drying session, ensure that you’ve already absorbed as much moisture using a clean cloth or your towel. Give your hair enough time to air dry before you start using your blow-dryer.


  1. Setting Dryer in a High Temperature. Sure, using a blow-dryer that’s not hot enough has its fair share of issues, but what’s more alarming is using a dryer that’s too hot. You could end up frying your strands if you set your dryer in its max temperature. The best way to avoid is to blow-dry your hair in the lowest heat setting possible. In fact, that setting is already enough to dry your hair and get the blowout that you want.
  1. Brushing Your Hair Downward. Pulling your hair downward may seem like a good way to get the hair blowout that you want, but doing so only zaps the volume that your hair has, leaving your with a flat and lacklustre result. Instead, extend your arm up and out as you blow-dry your hair, then let your arm fall naturally as you reach the ends of your strands. Using this technique will surely give you the hair bounce and sleekness that you want.
  1. Skipping Your Finishing Products. If there’s one mistake that you should totally avoid in your blow-drying procedure that would be skipping on your finishing products. These products will help in preventing hair fly-aways, frizz and fluffiness once your hair completely dries. Opt for a finishing spray to seal your hair cuticles and get a sleek blowout finish.

Simply blow-drying your hair won’t give you the hair blowout that you want, but by avoiding these mistakes and learning some blow-drying tricks, you’ll surely be able to get that salon-like hair blowout that you want.


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