Burning Remedies  

It is important that we act immediately whether it is a serious burn or not. When we encounter burns, we sometimes get stunned but experts always remind us to be calm and think clearly. There are many burn victims here in Singapore. Some serious cases might be avoided if the victim or the people around them knew what to do.


We have to be prepared so when we encounter burns, we will act immediately. There are first air remedies that we can consider. Here are the burning remedies:

  • For all types of burns: The first thing that we should do when faced by burning is to stop it right away. We have to do our best to stop the victim’s contact with steam, liquid and other material that accelerates burning. Furthermore, we have to tell the victim to “stop, drop and roll” to restrict the flames. The next thing that we should do is take off the victim’s clothing, jewellery and belts for burns can swell easily.
  • For first-degree burns: When we hear first-degree burns, it usually affects the top layer of the skin. The basic thing that we should do is cool the burn. The most effective thing that we can do is hold the burned part into running water (not cold water) until the sting subsides. The next thing that should be done is to protect the burn by covering it with non-adhesive and sterile bandage. The final stage is to treat the pain. OTC pain relievers like Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Naproxen. If the pain continues, it is time to bring the victim to the doctor.


  • For second-degree burns: Second-degree burns affects top two layers of the skin. The first remedy is to cool the burn by immersing it for ten to fifteen minutes. We have to be cautious not to apply ice. Using a non-stick and sterile bandage, we have to protect the burn. If the victim is also suffering other injuries, we have to lay him/her flat and elevate the feet about twelve inches. After the remedy, we have to call emergency and have the doctor check the victim.
  • For thirddegree burns: This is the most serious burn. When this happens, after stopping the victim’s contact with fire, we have to call emergency responders right away. While waiting for the medic, we need to protect the burning area using a clean sheet if sterile non-stick bandage is not available.

Facing burning is not easy but we have to know the remedies to help the victim. We have to be brave for them because when they suffer enough pain, their minds tend not to think clearly.



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