5 of the Best Cafés in Singapore


Singapore is known for being a shopping and dining capital in Southeast Asia. As one of, if not the busiest ports in the world, Singapore has become a melting pot of cultures as evidenced in our food or the people themselves.


The hustle and bustle of this busy city, however, makes it difficult for anyone to look for a serene place to probably enjoy a cup of coffee while basking in the ambience of the beautiful cityscape of Singapore or to simply love the company of good friends or of a good book.

Cafés come to mind when we think of a place where we can do those things. And so with that, we listed down some of the best cafés offering the best coffees in Singapore.

  1. Ronin

The coffee they use here is a blend imported from Australia and is considered as one of the best in Singapore. Ronin’s coffee has a strong and full flavor and is best served together with cream or milk. A lot of people consider the café a great place to relax in while sipping a delicious cup of Joe. Some people also enjoy brunching in Ronin, particularly with their French toast.

  1. Symmetry

The best part of Symmetry is their ambience, which makes the café an ideal place for those who love a relaxing atmosphere. Their coffee, imported from Guatemala, isn’t too bad either being a full-bodied blend of chocolaty and nutty flavors. The most popular thing in the menu is the truffle fries that are best paired with waffles for one of the best brunching experiences you’ll ever have.

  1. Nylon Coffee Roasters

Nylon is best for those who have a great appreciation for the sheer taste of coffee. Nylon brews their own coffee, though their flavors are inspired by international tastes. The espresso blend depends on the season. That’s why the flavor constantly changes. All this makes Nylon as one of the most recommended cafes in all of Singapore.


  1. Department of Caffeine

While coffee is their main business, it’s not all about the drink at the Department of Caffeine. In fact, they may even be better known for their food. This has made it a popular choice for diners and it is almost always packed with customers. For those looking for an ambience of a café but would like to enjoy the food of a restaurant, the Department of Caffeine is something that should be strongly considered.

  1. Yellow Cup Coffee

If you want to brighten up your day, Yellow Cup is the place for you. The vibrant ambience of the place would cheer almost anyone instantly. Plus, the coffee is just as cheerful as well drawing inspiration from Hawaiian flavors but with coffee sourced from different parts of the world most especially from Africa.


Singaporean Fashion Labels


Aside from having internationally known fashion labels, Singapore also has its own local fashion lines that should not only be familiar to Singaporeans but also to tourists looking for great clothes and other fashion items at cheap prices. Here are some of Singapore’s local fashion labels.


Mash-up: Started by LASALLE College of Arts graduates Shaf Amis’aabudin, Nathaniel Ng and Daniela Tan, this fashion line focuses on a combination of different fashion trends much like musical mash-ups, hence the name of the line. The designers’ target audiences are young adults and the older teenagers. Thus, they drew their inspiration mainly from popular culture and incorporated bright colors together with graphic designs.

Pauline Ning: Designer Pauline Lim is another graduate of LASALLE College of Arts. What makes this fashion label stand out is that Pauline Lim draws her inspiration from historical artifacts through hours of research in the library. The focuses of this line are on neutral colors as opposed to the bright ones, and on geometrical shapes.

20:TwoThree: Designed by Genevieve Goh, who did not receive any formal schooling in fashion, this line aims disregard existing fashion rules and to encourage their consumers to explore their own fashion sense and awareness. With that, the designer also discourages gender rules in fashion by designing androgynous clothing fit for both men and women.

singapore fashion label 20 TWOTHREE ss14 DECOR 4

Foreword: Evelyn Ang, a fashion-marketing graduate, and Pearly Wee, an IT graduate, design this line. The focus of this fashion label is on loose clothing for women. Thus, the line is ideal for women who choose to be active while maintaining a fashionable look. Most pieces found in their line are ready to wear to avoid any fuss and hassle for the busy consumer.

DEPRESSION: As the name of the line suggests, this stemmed from a time when the designers Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim were in respective times of depression. They named it as such as a reminder of how far they’ve come since the time of their depression. However, the designs aren’t as depressing as the name of the label.

DEPRESSION focuses on unisex designs that incorporate edgy yet dark humor. The sense of irony in how they incorporate certain fashion elements create an eerie look and feel into their designs that have become increasingly popular not only for locals but also for popular western celebrities.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECOR MENS

What Will Singapore Face This Year?

The beginning of the year is always the exciting part. Singaporeans are always anticipating what the new year will bring especially that this year Singapore will celebrate its 50th year. This is a milestone and it should be celebrated with vigour. Singaporeans are looking forward to a fruitful year ahead.


However, it is better if you know what the year will bring so you can be prepared. There will always be an event that can make or break a country. For Singapore, there are many possibilities but the important thing is that you are resilient. Here are some things that you need to expect this year:

  • Societal threat: Singapore is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation. The risk is clear – disharmony. If locals and foreigners do not regulate their behaviours and expressions, the nation will crumble. Everyone should be mindful of their actions whether it is in the physical world or in the cyber world because it will always have a bearing.
  • Financial threat: There are people here who enjoy financial freedom here but there are others who barely make enough to make both ends meet. This year, financial constraints are not making things better. If you heard the sentiments of the Prime Minister in his New Year’s message, you will gather that the productivity is weak. He said that if the trend goes on, incomes will not continue to rise. This is threatening.


  • Political threat: It was mentioned earlier that Singapore will celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence. The government claim that there will be a year-long party. This celebration will give tribute to the history and the accomplishment of the nation since its independence. It does not end there because for this year, the People’s Action Party (PAP) will culminate their new style of politics. PAP has many policy adjustments but there are people who are not happy about it. Expect the introduction of the Medishield Life and some alterations to the Central Provident Fund.

These threats are present but not yet realized. In the face of threats, you only need to surpass it so you will survive. Even if it is hard, you have to remain strong and sturdy just like Singapore who experienced a lot but still thrive.

You have to know that these threats are not easy to handle and it will definitely cause a stir in the community but you have to be proud and look into the future with enthusiasm. The world is full of treats and confronting it is the best way to live.


Jewel Update

On December 7, 2014 Singaporeans cheered to the news that Changi Airport was given the accolade of “Leading Airport”. The award was given by the World Travel Awards which is the “Oscars” of the tourism industry.


Changi Airport never failed to awe the passengers. In an effort to bring out better experience, Jewel Changi Airport is underway. Crews broke ground early December to make way for the Jewel Changi Airport just outside the infamous Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 used to be a parking spot but the management decided to build an extensive structure covering 134,000 sqm (or about 1.4 million square feet) of land. Jewel will feature gems like:


  • Indoor forest: The good thing about Jewel is that it will feature indoor forests. The glass and steel biodome infrastructure seems ambitious but is possible.
  • Indoor waterfall: The forest will also feature indoor waterfall which is taunted as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.
  • Walking trails: It does not end there because there will be gardens and walking trails. While waiting for your next flight, walking in the gardens or trails will surely keep you busy and in awe. Speaking of gardens, you have to expect a butterfly and orchid garden.
  • Shops and leisure establishments: Airports will never be complete without shops and leisure establishments. The leisure complex for example spans ten floors (five under and five above ground levels).
  • Others: There’s a movie theatre and other amenities guaranteed to make the travels of people worthwhile.

Indeed, Changi Airport earned its spot. Singapore surely brings a lot of good things. Next thing you know it is already built and fully functioning. Let us wait for that moment.


3 Types of Train Passengers in Singapore

There’s no doubt that everytime you ride on a train, you will be pissed off because there are so many passengers. It makes you so uncomfortable that you wanted to punch them one by one. On the other hand, you will also feel great because there are times that you will some people that you know. It might be your college friend, your past neighbor or it may be your longtime crush. Since there are so many characters in train, identifying them would at least help you prepare for the clash inside the train.


1. Hot Chick or Guy – Yes, everytime you ride a train, you will notice people that makes your eyes dazzle. They might not be the good one but at least they can make your ride complete. You will definitely look at them like there’s no tomorrow but when they look at you, you’ll make a sweet wink or a little sway with the hair. However, in reality, they do not care whether they look at you or you look at them. All they care is that they arrive safe on their destination.

2. The Headphone Guy – Have you seen them banging their heads like they own the train? This might be a person who has some problems with his head or maybe he likes the song that he needed to head bang while riding on the train.


3. The Eater – For sure, you are one of this. Even if the train is so full, they still makes way to eat. Not because they just want to boast what they are eating but to show that they are very hungry. It’s crazy; nevertheless it’s true.


What Dissatisfies Singaporeans?

Dissatisfaction is a normal thing in life. Singaporeans experience dissatisfactions every day. You do not just discard it because you do not like how it feels. The only way to deal with it is to face it and think of other alternatives. Whatever your alternatives, make sure that you stick to it until you are completely satisfied.


If in this case you simply want to learn the things that dissatisfies Singaporeans, you have come to the right place. There is a new customer satisfaction study here in Singapore spearheaded by Survey Sampling International and Ipsos. The study attempted to reveal the services that dissatisfied most of the people. Here are the results:

  • In the field of telecommunications: It was found out that thirty two per cent of one hundred said that their experiences with telecommunications companies are negative. Telecommunications companies are unfortunately the leader.


  • In the field of retail, food and beverage: Telecommunications companies are followed by retail, food and beverage. It was found out that thirty per cent of one hundred said that their experiences with retail, food and beverage sectors are negative.
  • In the field of insurance and banking: The last spot belongs to the insurance and banking services sectors. The researchers found out that eighteen per cent of one hundred presented negative experiences in this field.

What does this tell us? More and more people are dissatisfied. How can companies deal with this dilemma? Involved companies can use this study to their advantage. The study will serve as their plan or guideline to make their services even better.