5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Office Security to a Biometric System

Security has always been an issue in every office and every company, and with this came the rise of authentication methods in traditional systems, such as the door access control system, which restricted access to those who had certain pieces of data required.

But in today’s society, traditional methods to limit or monitor office activity such as passwords, PIN codes, and even ID’s are slowly growing obsolete because of the many different ways they can be bypassed, as well as the different ways that they can be improved on.

Here are the biggest reasons why you need to upgrade to a biometric door access system for your office:

1. Improved security

A biometric door access system is easily a huge improvement over a traditional pin access door system.

When you install gate exit button, for instance, in your Singapore office, you will no longer need to carry around ID cards or remember passwords or PIN codes. A traditional card access door can be substituted for a biometric door access system that only requires biometric authentication—in this case, a fingerprint authentication.

And since there’s no need to carry ID cards or remember PIN codes or passwords, there’s no need to worry about ID’s being lost or forged, or having to change PIN codes and passwords regularly.

2. Difficult to forge

Another aspect of the improved security is the uniqueness of identification, and this in turn creates better accountability for everyone in the office. This is because the biometric data is unique to each individual, and it only gets better when paired with an IP CCTV system for active monitoring.

When paired with an IP CCTV, you have both high-definition security footage as well as an instant identification that will show up in your central database.

You can also add an intercom system in your office that’s based in Singapore to help you identify person via door communication, in addition to your existing security system. What could be more secure than a two-way wired intercom system, which lets you identify people through their speaking voice, right?

3. It cuts costs

When it comes to office security, having a biometric system – especially when paired alongside an IP camera system and an intercom system – allows you to better identify the people who have access to the different facilities in your office.

Investing in high-quality CCTV camera units, such as an IP camera system, also has the added benefit of being able to store high-definition footage on the Cloud and display it whether you’re in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

This is much cheaper compared to a typical analog camera, since you would also have to invest in data storage in addition to the security camera units that you already have.

4. They can be installed in conjunction with other facility for enhanced security

Another feature that is possible with this security system is that you can pair it with a fire alarm system. Install fire alert solution in conjunction with your CCTV camera and door access to keep your workplace in Singapore monitored. A simple smoke detector could be all it takes to save your business from the costly damage of an accidental fire.

5. Biometrics allow for easier employee tracking

By upgrading to a thumbprint biometric, you can track access entry for each employee. It also adds convenience on the part of employees as well.

Because their entrance is already tracked when they enter the premises, this eliminates the need for manually signing in or punching cards to clock in or clock out of their shift, and you can track their performance from your account.

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

Why is Trademark Registration Important?

Although not mandatory in Singapore, trademark registration is an important step to expand your business and increase revenue. A registered mark does not just come with the rights and protection under the intellectual property rights, but it will also significantly increase the value of the company’s image, making it a trustworthy choice among consumers.

A trademark is one of the four principal areas of intellectual property rights. A registered trademark is a name, logo, numeral, design, color, or any other device that uniquely identifies a company, organization, and business. A registered trademark applied for by companies in Singapore like http://www.brandmark.sg/ is therefore identified by the symbol ®, while an unregistered trademark is identified by the symbol ™.

Most applications for trademark registration are handled by designated countries, although the Madrid Protocol also handles applications internationally. Other areas of intellectual property, to differentiate them from trademarks, include the copyright, which is a type of work that is recorded, such as films, typographical arrangements, and sound recordings. Patents on the other hand, refer to the inventions and industrial processes that need protection from unauthorized use or implementation. Design rights encompasses both the rights of copyrights and patents.

Benefits of a Registered Trademark

Once the Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) has approved an applicant’s trademark registration, the company or business will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. A registered mark will protect your brand from others who want to use the same trademark.

2. A register TM will create a trusted image to the consumers. Products and services associated with the trademark will be easily recognized, because they can easily convey the message the company wants to send to the public.

3. A registered mark will make your company easy to find in a crowded market full of competition. Some consumers purchase a product or pick a service based on the testimonies and experiences of customers associated with a trademark.

4. A register TM will make you easier to find on the Internet. With so many small-scale to large corporations selling products online, you don’t want to be left behind. Consumers will trust you more if they know you’re an established brand.

5. A registered mark will increase your company’s value over time, because your reputation is also part of your selling point. You can license or sell the trademark for additional revenues.

6. Registered trademarks are attractive to prospective workers, because they will feel confident that they are joining a trusted company.

7. A registered trademark is also a worthy investment because they can be renewed every ten years for a reasonable fee.

Trademark Registration in Singapore

In Singapore, there are two processes in the application to register trademark within the country or outside the country.

When applying for a registered trademark in Singapore, the following steps are observed:

    • Provide the name and address of the trademark registration applicant.
    • Make sure that the trademark can be graphically represented.
    • Provide a list of the goods and/or services that are marketed under or related to the registered mark.
    • Write a declaration of intent to use the registered mark.
    • Payment of the application fees.
    • Examination of the trademark for registration. Amendments regarding the application will need additional fees and an amendment form.
    • Trademark registration applicants who have fulfilled the requirements and passed the examination will be published in the Trademarks Journal.
    • Objections regarding the application are given a window period of two months from the date of publication of the trademark.
    • If there are no objections, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) will grant the applicant a Registration Certificate, which is renewable every ten years.

Trademark Registration Outside Singapore

When applying for register trademark outside of Singapore, the following steps are observed:

    • Applications for trademark registration are handled by the IPOS. If the applicant wishes to file internationally, the Madrid Protocol is observed.
    • Provide the Form MM2 (E) and pay the administrative fee and World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) fees.
    • The application for trademark registration is reviewed by the IPOS and then submitted to the WIPO’s International Bureau (IB).
    • Rejected applications will be given a deadline to complete the requirements or submit an amendment.
    • A certification of IPOS is provided then the application is sent to the IB for another examination.
    • The registered mark is recorded in the WIPO Gazette and the International Register.
    • An International Registration (IR) number is given to the applicant.
    • The IB send the application to the IPOS for a final examination.
    • Once the application for a registered mark is approved, the trademark is granted all the protection by the country.

The Madrid Protocol

If the applicant is from another country but wishes to apply for a trademark in Singapore, the country is designated as a subsequent designation through the Madrid Protocol or the application given the status as an international registration. Like the previous examples, this type of application for a trademark registration will take at least eight months from the receipt of the documents from the WIPO.

    • The IPOS will examine the application once the necessary details are received from the IB and WIPO.
    • If the application has any problems, the applicant is given a period of four months to respond or fulfill the requirements.
    • Once the application has passed the examination, the trademark is published in the Trademarks Journal to allow other parties to inspect it within a period of two months.
    • If there are no objections to the application after it has been published, the IPOS will grant a Statement of Grant of Protection to the applicant.

Renewing the Registered Trademark

To renew a registered trademark in Singapore, the applicant must submit the requirements and pay the registration fee after the expiration of the last application.

Granting a Trademark License

When granting another single party a license to use your company’s trademark, you should provide a licensing agreement in the form of a contract. A non-exclusive license may also be granted to multiple parties. Stipulated in the contract are the royalties, provisions for transfer, and limits.

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Bucks for Your Holiday Shopping


Holiday shopping is something that most of us get excited about, from hunting the perfect gift to making the most out of shopping deals to purchasing that a holiday gift for yourself. However, enjoying the seasonal splurge might become a challenge if you’ll be shopping with a shoestring budget. Fortunately, earning extra bucks isn’t difficult during the holiday season. Here, we listed down some of low-cost side job possibilities that you can help in increasing your holiday shopping finances.

  1. Sell Your Art

Although the market may seem saturated, your design, painting and photography skills will always be in demand. From designing Christmas cards to doing mini new-born photoshoots, producing an original product on a commission basis can have a serious earning potential. Plus, you can already market your products either for free or at a lower cost with the help of various social networking sites.

  1. Be an Online Tutor

There are hundreds of virtual agencies that pair up struggling students with experienced tutors online. So if you have a knack for English or math, consider having this job as your side hustle. In this kind of job, having the ability to make people understand tricky concepts is more valued than having the right credentials – and the best part is you get the satisfaction of helping someone, while earning extra bucks.

  1. Work as a Content Creator

Digital marketing is a booming business these days, making it a good full- or part-time work for freelance writers who can produce essays, blog posts and marketing materials fast. So contact an agency to land a steady work, or go solo and develop connections with small and midsized businesses that are in need of marketing help.

  1. Organize Small Events

Even if you’re not the most organized person on your block, it’s possible to hang out a shingle and work as a personal organizer. You can start by creating a website or a Facebook page, then check out small businesses in your area so you could start meeting potential clients. Remember that word of mouth is the best way to market your new business.

Earning extra money is one of the best ways to enjoy holiday shopping without draining your savings. So consider looking into any of these side hustle opportunities now, and enjoy the payoff of your extra work later on.

How to Keep Your Business From Stagnating


Learning how to grow a business and surviving the online business world do not go unchallenged. Companies in today’s growing industry need to do more than just offer quality products at fair prices. They have to consistently outperform the crowd and in order to do so, effective strategies have to be put in place. While it is indeed a strongly competitive field out there, worry not. There are numerous things you can do to get attention, build a solid customer base, and keep all your clients engaged.


  1. Utilize digital marketing tools in sharing valuable information. Your prospects and clients need help navigating your online store, particularly in making a purchase. They need to be guided throughout the process and be given proper information in order to make smart buying decisions.

Make this information available and even go the extra mile by making sure there is someone assigned to answer real-time customer queries via chat support or through a toll-free hotline. You also have to make sure that there is full transparency in product pricing and be able to explain why charges are either a bit higher or lower than what your competitors offer. You can get similar advice from entrepreneurial guidance programs.

  1. Take advantage of the general inclination in making impulse buying decisions. Keep a keen eye on your customers and take note of their buying habits. Learn which among your offers appeal to them most. Gather all this information and use them more frequently.

Business group working together

Stimulate a sense of importance and urgency in your clients via email marketing, social media, and other outreach forms. Give time limited deals that resonate with their interests based on what you’ve learned from their shopping activities. When email campaigning, the most vital information should be readily available within the subject lines so these messages won’t be overlooked or ignored.

  1. Learn to give out. By donating a small chunk of your profit to any local cause that would go to the interest of your primary market, you can elevate consumer trust, encourage goodwill towards the business, and dramatically increase sales. The best part of learning how to grow a business is when you also grow as a person. Start by giving out what you can. Cultivating generous business practices can be taught by reliable business advising firms.


  1. Review, refresh and update your marketing strategies. Your target market will evolve overtime and that evolution will include dramatic changes on the needs, interests, and demands of your consumers. Always make an effort to adapt to these changes to avoid missing an opportunity and to protect your business from being left out by your competitors.

No matter how high or far you have reached, you can always use a helping hand to guide you. Be prepared for the changes you will encounter in this world of e-commerce. A reputable team of experts would be an essential resource. Always remember that the most important thing you need to know is that by learning how to grow a business, you will discover that it is a continuous process.


Elements of a Successful Business


No ambition is ever too big. However, it’s a good thing to always have an end or goal in mind because it will help you create a plan and be guided on the steps that you need to take. The fact of the matter is that you will need all the help that you can get. This kind of knowledge is instilled in every effective business leader’s mind. If you want answers on how to be successful in business, let’s take a look at the four essential qualities that can lead you to a prosperous direction.

Forward Business Planning

  • A role model: The business was your idea in the first place, the one who put it into life. You’re going to need people to take on certain tasks for the business. To lead a group of people can be a very overwhelming responsibility to take. Nonetheless, you have to set a good example to the workforce and be consistent in showcasing excellence.

The ability to perform, behave, and act in an exemplary way is vital for every person who seeks to achieve success. How to be successful in business is not an easy question to answer. The first thing you’ll learn is that you have to be the kind of person you want your people to be in order to make your business visions come to life.

  • Constructive criticism: A business team can’t properly work together without loyalty to their leader. The only way the leader can acquire that collective loyalty is through honesty and integrity. With that said, give honest and constructive criticism to the team. Let them know what they’re doing right and tell them where they fall short. Be upfront with what you think they need to know so they may be able to improve themselves and contribute to the team’s overall productivity.


  • Proper acknowledgment: You have to make a strong connection with your team. Begin by recognizing everyone who is able to deliver a job well done. It’s a crucial responsibility to always put a good word out for commendable performances. Workers are able to deliver well when properly motivated. Simply put, just give people credit for their merits.


  • Versatility: Business dynamics will always change over time in small or big doses. In the same manner, the whole team should be flexible to adapt to those changes. There is no better way for them to learn other than looking up to how their leader hurdles across the transition. It is essential that you are flexible and resilient so everyone in the team will follow.

Businesses rise and fall because there will always be changes. Trends almost never stay the same, which is why you need to be always prepared. These trends evolve and some practices are left as a thing of the past. What doesn’t change, however, are the fundamentals of how one should run a business. If you want helpful directions on how to be successful in business, take advantage of business mentorship programs. These programs are tailored to the ever-changing world of commercial endeavors.

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