Forbidden Things to Tell at Work

We spend most of our time at work. When we reach home, we simply sleep and not care about the world. With this, it would seem natural that we know our colleagues more than other family members. However, it is important that we are mindful of the things that we divulge. There are certain things that we should not tell at work in an effort to stay connected with workers.


Remember that there is a fine line between creating confidences and proper sharing. If you do not know the difference, your career may be in danger. You have to believe that familiarity breeds contempt. Sharing information in the workplace has rules. It is imperative that you know such forbidden things to tell at work.

Destructive feelings about colleagues and job

It is easy to vent out online especially if you had a bad day at work. It is normal to vent out and get frustrated but what is beyond normal is to post it online. Although your setting is marked “private”, it is still not good to tell everyone on Facebook about your experiences and negative feelings especially if it involves your company, colleagues or the whole job in general. If you will like you are going to burst out, be discreet and just tell it to your family and friends – that are not connected with the company at all.

Controversial opinions

Sometimes it is okay to discuss controversial opinions at the workplace like religion and politics – for intellectual discourse. However, when it comes to creating discussion that can lead to discord among colleagues, then it is forbidden to speak controversial opinions. Whilst in the company, the best thing that you can do is to finish your contract or tenure peacefully.


Health issues

It is okay if you share positive habits like diet and exercise. However, if you share health issues, a colleague might get uncomfortable. You do not need to divulge your health history unless asked by your human resource department. Revealing health issues in the workplace may lead to discrimination by nurturing stigma and wrong perceptions.

Relationship troubles

Talking about relationship issues and troubles should be kept inside the house. Being discreet about it will gain you a whole lot of respect from your colleagues. Sharing intimate details about your relationships and about the family is too much. Same with sharing your weekend partying. If you spend your Monday morning bragging about your weekend partying, chances are colleagues won’t take you seriously.

Money-related things

You might get curious how much other people are worth but it will only cause resentment and eventually internal strife. The management justifies variations in salaries depending on variables. It is better to keep silent and not divulge your salary and other money-related things to your colleagues if you do not want to discover something unpleasant.

That you know things that you should never divulge at work. When people know things about you, their contempt will increase. Do not give other people the joy of talking about you and destroying your career. Sometimes not revealing everything can do the world a whole lot of good.