Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer  


There are plenty of opportunities here in Singapore. We only need to look for the right one so we can grow old happy and fulfilled of what we are doing. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans jump from one job to another because they did not properly understand the job before actually accepting it. Jumping from one job to another is not good for our resume and it is not good either to explain to a prospective employer what went wrong with the previous job.


The best thing that we should do is evaluate a job offer before actually accepting it. Accepting the job offer might be good for us or otherwise. Regardless, if we think hard, we will surely find the answer. The key here is not to rush things and act desperately for that pay check. Remember, if we accept a job without thinking carefully, we might be in a disadvantaged position in the near future.

Next time, when we are given a job offer, we have to evaluate the opportunity. Here are some ways on how to evaluate our opportunities:

  • Follow the process: Employers and employees have this sense of urgency when they talk about jobs. If this happens, both parties will be doomed. It is crucial that we do not rush things. Employers might rush but we have to know the job well so it might not create nuisances in the future. A careful hiring process can benefit the employers and the employee. So, no matter how tedious the process, we have to respect it and go accordingly.


  • Have a vision of where things will lead: Employees only say yes just for the pay check. There are some who never question their skills and what they can do. This will lead to disaster. When accepting a job, it is important that we evaluate our skills and where it will lead us. We do not want to send our resignations after few months because we realized we cannot keep up to our task or role.

Now, we know how to assess or evaluate a job offer. If we follow these, we will make fewer mistakes when accepting a job offer. We have to put in my mind that fewer mistakes makes our stay in the company happier. There is no need to jump from one job to another. We just need to think it through and not push things if we do not like it.


Reasons Behind Choosing Foreign Work Assignment

There are many work opportunities here in Singapore but despite that, there are people who think that that is not enough. These people are prepared to uproot themselves and go to a foreign country to seek work. That is their choice.


2014 BCG of The Network surveyed and analysed 203,756 respondents. The survey revealed top reasons behind choosing foreign work assignment. Here are some reasons:

  • About 65% agreed that they choose foreign work assignment to broaden their personal experience.
  • The same number (65%) also choose foreign work assignment to acquire work experience.
  • About 59% agreed that they choose foreign work assignment for better career opportunities.
  • 58% of workers settled for foreign work assignments because of attractive job offers.
  • You may think that salary prospect is the top reason but it turned out only 56% of people eye this.


  • 55% of workers who choose foreign work assignments bring the whole family because they think that the foreign place offers better standard of living.
  • 54% decide to choose foreign work assignments because they think they have the ability to live in a different culture.
  • 53% think that they can live in a foreign country. They are doing it for the challenge it presents.
  • 47% wants to learn a new language that is why they choose foreign work assignments.
  • Only 45% wants to meet new people and build their networks.

Why do you work? Some work to provide for the family while others work for self-improvement. Regardless of your reason, it is important that you stand by it no matter what happens. If you are quite satisfied here in Singapore, why move?


Inspirational Guidelines to Obtain Work

Looking for a job is not easy these days. It is a very daunting task and it needs a lot of time, effort as well as patience. Many people want to get a job immediately and in reality, it does not usually happen. The reason why employers do not give applicants the job instantly is because they have to see if the individual is qualified to do the job. Aside from that, they also need to have a background check on the applicant in order for them to guarantee that the person who will work for them will benefit the company.


Apart from time and effort, searching for a job also requires money. When you apply for a work, especially when you do walk-in, you have to spend lots of money. During your first hour, you have to travel all the way from downtown wherein you are going to spend few penny for your gas. On the next hours, you will feel hungry. Hence, whether you like it or not, you have to eat so that you are in good mood once a company manager wants to interview you.


Skipping a meal is not advisable when applying a work because it will just ruin your job search particularly the interview part. Once you are starving and you have to talk to someone, you cannot focus on what the interview is all about or what are the questions that are being asked on you. Therefore, you have to eat before you are going to apply for work or have an interview.