Affluent Chinese Still Choose Japan

Japan has many things to offer and the Chinese won’t miss any of that. According to a survey conducted by Travelzoo (Asia Pacific), about 29% of Chinese travellers still choose Japan as their top destination for 2014. The survey piloted from November 25 to December 15, 2013 online. Travelzoo also found out that an affluent Chinese household can take up to six leisure trips every year and an estimated expenditure of US$8,200. Most of the Chinese subscribers of Travelzoo have income of US$50,000 (or S$64,000).


In 2012 & 2013 surveys, Chinese preferred Australia. Japan was not considered because of territorial disputes. If you can remember, Japan claims Senkaku Islands which China calls Diaoyu Island. But Japan boosted its tourism by relaxing visa constraints. Japan regained the top spot this 2014. According to Travelzoo, in 2012 Chinese were considered the highest spenders in Japan. Chinese travellers spend about ¥269 billion (or S$3.3 billion).

As a traveller or tourist, you will wonder what is with Japan that it is still preferred by many Chinese. Here are the reasons why Japan made it to the top:

Shopping Destination

Japan is a shopping destination. Affluent Chinese prefer to shop in Japan because goods there are cheaper compared to China. In fact, goods there are discounted from 20-50%. Chinese tourists prioritize shopping when they are in Japan. Speaking of shopping, Ginza (the classiest shopping district in Japan) is the place to be.

Dining and Cuisine

There are Chinese tourists that are adventurous and Japan for them presents many opportunities for adventure. For example, Japan’s distinguished dishes is appealing to Chinese palates, regardless of the age. The nearness of China to Japan makes the adventure a whole lot easier.


Apart from the shopping and the food, Chinese tourists look forward to see many breath-taking sights in Japan for example, the Mount Fuji, Cherry Blossom, temples and other festivals. These things draw many visitors to Japan not just Chinese. Japan’s yen is weak and with this, Japan offers value for money for Chinese tourists and travellers.

Other Activities

Japan also offers other activities that tourists will enjoy. For example, people who are fond of snow skiing can enjoy the experience in Japan. You can research the internet to look for worthwhile activities during your stay in Japan.

What are you waiting for? If you want to visit Japan, you should pack your bags and take advantage of the relaxed visa constraints right away. You will surely enjoy Japan and all its glory. When you travel, you have to make arrangements beforehand so you will not encounter unpleasant surprises. Be sure to create your itinerary so every minute is well spent. Have fun!