Picking out the Perfect Colors

Fashion is an important statement because it is sort of an extension of our personality. It always pays to invest in your looks and grooming. You may think of it as people being a bit too superficial but in all honestly, it is much easier to respect someone who respects the way they look. Fashion’s goal shouldn’t be to look the best. Instead, it should be to bring out the best in you!

It’s undeniable, there are certain styles and fashion trends that work better for some people rather than others. Now, how do we know which ones fit us? Well, this article is going to explain to you how to pick up the perfect colors for your wardrobe. Color says a lot about your personality but then again, you should still always agree with what your appearance says for you to be able to carry your looks in perfect harmony.

It is usually harder for you to look convincing if your looks do not make sense. Certain things go together with certain things and some things just don’t go well with others. Now, how do we tell which color schemes work great for us? Well, here is a tip, take a piece of silver jewelry and take a piece of gold jewelry. Put them on the back side of your hand. Now, which hand looks more attractive? The one with the silver or the one with the gold? If the one with the silver looks good, this means you should stick to a more contemporary color scheme while if the hand with gold looks better, you will be able to rock brighter and more vibrant colors.

There are benefits in rocking a contemporary color scheme as to a more colorful vibrant one and vice versa. For those of you who look good with silver, your clothes shouldn’t be too colorful but of course, some color is still very much appreciated. The good part about wearing contemporary clothing is that it is not begging attention but rather gives off a mysterious and very professional approach.

If gold looks better, then you have the right to be a very colorful person! Wait up! Before you start mixing up colors, it should still be understood that there are some colors that work well with others and that there are other colors that do not look good together at all. The hard part with having a lot of color involved in your wardrobe is mixing and matching. Color gives a lot of personality and screams out the perfect words woven into their clothing even before you get to talk to them.

Having the best clothes don’t matter, you should wear something that makes YOU look YOUR best.

Man’s Guide to Wearing a Necklace

A necklace is a beautiful piece of accessory but a lot of people fail to deliver the right message when they are wearing a necklace. Sometimes men tend to go overboard when it comes to wearing their accessories. This guide wants to help men wear necklaces the right way.

To start off, some of us already have our perfect necklace. As men, most of us would rather wear a necklace with more sentimental meaning rather than just another piece of accessory. Well, this is actually a great thing to do! Why not? Wearing a necklace that makes you feel confident is a great thing to do. Sometimes, our accessories is an extension of our personality just like our clothes. Sadly, what some men do not realize is that there is a proper way to wear your necklace.

First of all, you have to make sure that your necklace matches your outfit. You know the drill. When you are wearing a formal piece of clothing, your necklace is suppose to speak about professionalism more than just another casual attire. Matching your necklace with what you put on your wrist is a must! Wearing a silver or golden necklace while wearing a beaded bracelet isn’t really a good sight to see. Make sure that your outfit is still in harmony with the accessories you pick.

Now, how much is too much? Let’s get this straight, accessories are good but once you abuse your use of accessories, it does not give off a good impression. Your necklace is suppose to scream out confidence which is why if you are wearing five gold chains at the same time, it shows that you have way too much to prove and that you aren’t comfortable wearing just one. At the same time, wearing too much necklaces draw too much attention. Too much attention isn’t good for anyone as it gets mixed reviews rather than honest ones.

Here’s something you may have not realized, you should actually wear your necklace inside your shirt rather than flaunting it. Why? Because mystery is more attractive than someone who has to scream out what they are wearing. When you wear your necklace inside your shirt, you do not only display humility, you also display confidence, there is no need for everyone to get a glimpse of everything you have and it is better to show just a little and leave the rest to imagination rather than screaming out your outfit.

Find the perfect necklace for you and allow the necklace itself to give you confidence rather than the constant seeking for validation from the people around.

Singaporean Fashion Labels


Aside from having internationally known fashion labels, Singapore also has its own local fashion lines that should not only be familiar to Singaporeans but also to tourists looking for great clothes and other fashion items at cheap prices. Here are some of Singapore’s local fashion labels.


Mash-up: Started by LASALLE College of Arts graduates Shaf Amis’aabudin, Nathaniel Ng and Daniela Tan, this fashion line focuses on a combination of different fashion trends much like musical mash-ups, hence the name of the line. The designers’ target audiences are young adults and the older teenagers. Thus, they drew their inspiration mainly from popular culture and incorporated bright colors together with graphic designs.

Pauline Ning: Designer Pauline Lim is another graduate of LASALLE College of Arts. What makes this fashion label stand out is that Pauline Lim draws her inspiration from historical artifacts through hours of research in the library. The focuses of this line are on neutral colors as opposed to the bright ones, and on geometrical shapes.

20:TwoThree: Designed by Genevieve Goh, who did not receive any formal schooling in fashion, this line aims disregard existing fashion rules and to encourage their consumers to explore their own fashion sense and awareness. With that, the designer also discourages gender rules in fashion by designing androgynous clothing fit for both men and women.

singapore fashion label 20 TWOTHREE ss14 DECOR 4

Foreword: Evelyn Ang, a fashion-marketing graduate, and Pearly Wee, an IT graduate, design this line. The focus of this fashion label is on loose clothing for women. Thus, the line is ideal for women who choose to be active while maintaining a fashionable look. Most pieces found in their line are ready to wear to avoid any fuss and hassle for the busy consumer.

DEPRESSION: As the name of the line suggests, this stemmed from a time when the designers Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim were in respective times of depression. They named it as such as a reminder of how far they’ve come since the time of their depression. However, the designs aren’t as depressing as the name of the label.

DEPRESSION focuses on unisex designs that incorporate edgy yet dark humor. The sense of irony in how they incorporate certain fashion elements create an eerie look and feel into their designs that have become increasingly popular not only for locals but also for popular western celebrities.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECOR MENS

5 Ways to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

In search for some stylish alternatives of your favourite skinnies? Then opt for hottest denim trend, the boyfriend jeans. With its distressed details and roomy silhouette, this clothing piece pairs effortlessly with every lady-like heels, girly tops and fun accessories. Still not sure as to how you can style your boyish bottom? Read on to find out some of the chic and cool ways on how you can style those hot pants.


  1. Go Simple. If there is one thing that you can surely get away with while wearing your boyfriend jeans, it would be not trying too hard to style it. The best way to do it? Throw on an oversize white tee, some minimal accessories and a pair of your favourite heels. Just with these basic pieces, you’re already good to go.
  1. Accessorize Them. A good way to dress up your good ol’ boyfriend jeans is to ensure that all the accessories you’re wearing are sharper than the pants itself. Pair it up with a crisp button-up, a sleek pair of loafers and a brightly coloured structured bag. If you want, you can further accessorize it by wearing a headband and cat-eye shades.


  1. Belt Them Up. If there’s one problem in wearing boyfriend jeans, it would be its loose fit especially in the waist area – and having your pants hanging off your body is anything but stylish. So throw your favourite belt on your trousers and slowly build your accessories around it.
  1. Put Some Coat On. Ever heard of the fashion rule stating that boyfriend jeans and oversized coats will never get along? Guess what, it’s not true at all. You can totally rock that style, but just ensure that your coat is more architectural than your pants. The tightly-bound waist, loud colour and rolled up sleeves will definitely show the trés-feminine look that your boyfriend jeans can give.
  1. Layer On. Wearing layers with boyfriend jeans can be a very tricky business, because throwing on too many layers can make you look shapeless and frumpy. To avoid this, opt for a more fitted pair of jeans and pair it with the layers of a white button-up and a slouchy black sweater.

It may seem like quite tricky to do, but styling your boyfriend jeans is actually easy especially if you already have all the right pieces to pair with it as well as all the right styling tips in mind.


5 Ways to Pain-Proof Your High Heels

“How can I wear my favourite high heels without feeling so much pain?” – This is the age old question that every woman asks. Most of us already adopted the “grin-and-bear-it” attitude when it comes to wearing heels. We often choose our fondness for stylish shoes over the desire to be comfortable. But is it really possible to wear high heels without experiencing any pain? Of course! Just keep these eight tips in mind so that you can continue wearing stylish shoes without having to pay the price in comfort.


  1. Wear the Right Shoe Size. One of the common mistakes women make in choosing their shoes would be purchasing the wrong shoe size. A good way to avoid this is to have your feet measured every time you buy a new pair of shoes. If you want, you can also visit a doctor to have your feet measured once a year. With this, you get to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.
  1. Know Your Foot Type. Visiting a podiatrist would be the best way to know the type of foot that you have. If you don’t have the time to visit one however, there are still some neat ways on how you can determine if you have a high-arch or a flat foot. A simple way to do this is to wet your foot, step onto a piece of construction paper, and it will show you how flat or arched your foot is. With this, you can already research on the reasons why you experience so much pain using your foot type.


  1. Opt for a Thicker Heel. Although stilettos play a good role in achieving a killer look, this type of heels only causes your foot to wobble around. Instead of wearing thin heels daily, consider changing your shoe style into something that has chunkier heels.
  1. Stick With Platforms. Shoes with thin soles is what often causes pain on your feet’s soles. A good way to remedy this is to change into platform shoes or shoes that have thicker and rubberized soles. This way, your feet will experience lesser pressure when walking.
  1. Stretch Your Feet Daily. There’s no better way to deal with the pain brought by high heels than stretching and exercising your feet daily. Perform exercises that target your ankle and the front of your foot, such as pointing your toes down and pulling them up. With this, your feet will be able to relax from all the daily pressures of walking.

Being stylish often comes with a price, but this shouldn’t apply with your footwear. Save your feet from all the unnecessary pain by following the aforementioned tips. That way, you still get to wear your favourite stilettos without sacrificing your feet’s comfort.


5 Tips to Rock the Layered Clothing Look

Layering clothes is one of the best ways to create a new look, as well as breathe new life to your old clothing pieces. The clothing combinations are just endless and you’ll be surprised as to how many looks you’ll be able to come up with simple flannels, leggings, and plain white racer backs. So start rocking that layered clothing now with these five easy tricks.


  1. Work On a Colour. A good way to start layering your pieces is to work with a colour tone and keep things within the colour family. If you’re going for neutral layers, stick with neutral shades; if you’re playing with jewel tones, keep every piece in such colours.
  1. Pay Attention to Proportions. In order to achieve a trendier look, always remember to pay attention to proportions. When it comes to layering an outerwear, expert stylists always remind us that the hem of your coat should never extend too far below the hem of your dress, unless it almost touches the ground.
  1. Mix and Match Prints. When mixing patterns and prints, always remember to keep one thing the same, perhaps the tone or the colour, to pull together all the elements. You can work on matching big and small prints, or have everything in the same scale but with inverted or different colours. If you’re daring enough, try working with chequered and stripes or polka dots and plaids.


  1. Pair Light With Heavy. Working on texture is crucial when it comes to sporting layered clothing. Stylists suggest wearing light clothing pieces with something heavy, such as silk and cashmere, but never wear bulky and heavy pieces together.
  1. Play With Multiple Layers of Jacket. Other than dresses and tops, outerwear like jackets are also great layering pieces. For instance, a parka layered with a heavier coat gives femininity to your oversized jacket while adding some texture to your look. There’s just a number of ways to layer with your outerwear, so don’t hesitate to play with each piece and find the look that you like the most.

Layering clothing pieces is the best way to come up with a new ensemble without purchasing new set of wardrobe. So, go ahead and experiment with your existing closet finds for additional outfits you can wear at work, meetings, school, or night outs.


Dress for Success!

10 Work-Wear Essentials 20-Something Female Professionals Should Have
When getting dressed for your nine-to-five job starts to feel laborious, then it might be time for you to review your closet essentials. Chances are, you might be missing the key items that can make your morning dress up routine a lot easier. Whether you work in a corporate office in Singapore, or in a more creative field, start building your closet using these basic and solid foundations.


  1. White Button-Down Shirt. Thinking why this shirt is one of the classics? Well, that is for two very simple reasons: it fits any season, and works for almost every women. So, what else could you ask for?


  1. Blazer. Start dressing up for success every day with a blazer that you can pair with almost anything, from your classic black dress to your favourite skinny jeans. So start eyeing for those sample sales and holiday markdowns to score high quality designs at a rather pocket-friendly price.


  1. Cashmere Sweater. Admit it, you’ve never seen a cashmere sweater that you didn’t like. These lovely sweats are every working girl’s T-shirt. Pair it up with a crew cut, or V-neck and a cardigan, and you’re ready to go.


  1. Black Pumps. If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss on your work wardrobe, it’s a pair of black pumps. Choose a pair with a heel height range that is between two to four inches to add a more sophisticated feel on your ensemble.


  1. Black Dress. You can never go wrong with a black dress. Keep one or two of these dresses ready in your closet. Just make sure that your hemlines hover right above or below your knee.



  1. Jeans. If this gets a green light in your office, then go for a couple of pairs set in black or dark blue colours. But save your distressed denim, and contrast washes for the after work night outs.


  1. Statement Jewellery. Show off your personal style through a statement jewellery. Pair up each jewellery with your ensemble and wear them one at a time to avoid overdoing it.


  1. Silk Camisoles and Blouses. These pieces are great and versatile layering pieces for blazers and cardigans. Stock up a couple of these items that set in muted colours like nude, white, blush, mocha, and navy.


  1. Bags. Whether you like or not, your co-workers tend to notice the arm candy that you always tote around. So don’t hesitate to spend a little extra to get a timeless bag that you’ll have for your entire working life. Also, don’t be afraid to buy used bags, you’ll soon realize that these pieces are godsend.


  1. Dark Trousers. Well-tailored, dark trousers are foundation of every woman’s working ensemble. Trying wearing them with your favourite silk blouse and heels, or pair them with oxfords if you want to pull off a menswear-inspired getup. A pair of trouser will definitely provide you with endless wardrobe options.

Now that you know what items you should be keeping in your wardrobe, it’ll now be easier for you to mix and match your pieces. Because with these basics, you’ll definitely never go wrong.