Gestational Surrogacy: The “IT” Solution For Infertile Couples

Without a doubt, it is nice to start a family with the one you love. After preparing for the wedding and celebrating the marriage with family and friends, many will urge you to start making a baby with your significant other. It is a plus if you’re both financially stable and can handle being a mom and dad. It is definitely time that you try to get pregnant and give birth to another human being who’ll be part of your family. However, not all couples are blessed with a baby after a few tries. For some, it will take years before they conceive while others will have to look for their other options like traditional and gestational surrogacy to have their own bundle of joy.


If there is one problem that could lead to a couple having troubles conceiving properly, it is infertility. It is already stressful enough and upsetting to discover that one of you is infertile. It becomes a huge problem since it’s a contributing factor in preventing any chances of the couple to successfully conceive. Thankfully, there are medical options for couples with such problems. With the help of surrogacy options and a surrogate carrier, an infertile couple may be blessed with a wonderful gift after 9 months of waiting.

There are two main surrogacy options namely the gestational and traditional surrogacy. However, the most popular and followed surrogacy process nowadays is the gestational surrogacy. Unlike traditional surrogacy, the gestational process involves the surrogate mother carrying the child after successfully conceiving through using the sperms and eggs of the couple. Or a donor could provide the sperm and eggs and after conceiving the surrogate mother will carry the pregnancy.

If you are interested with this particular surrogacy procedure, you may want to know what the whole gestational surrogate cost is. Well, the cost will depend on the IVF/surrogacy agency you choose. You will also have to consider that aside from the cost of the procedure, there is also the gestational surrogate mother cost. There will be agreements or a contract that has to be signed indicating the cost of the procedure as well as the necessary payments to be made to the surrogate mother.

There are important steps to take especially if you’re fully considering this option. Remember that this process can be quite expensive depending on the IVF/Surrogacy agency you choose and work with. So you need to carefully select who you want to work with for this procedure.ivf

The first step is carefully selecting the IVF/Surrogacy agency to work with. As mentioned above, this procedure can be quite expensive. The gestational surrogate cost in addition to the payments to the surrogate mother can be expensive. However, you can find several agencies offering their international surrogacy services at a very affordable price. You will still have to discuss this matter with the representative from the agency but it’s definitely a plus point if they have affordable services.

Of course, you will have to take into account important details such as getting help from licensed medical, logistical and legal professionals, finding sperm or egg donors and others. You should find an agency who’ll be with you from day one till you come home with your bundle of joy, this is a complete service you should get and pay for.

Once you have chosen an agency, it is time that you find a surrogate mother. The agency may offer some advices on how you can successfully find and choose a surrogate mother. However, it is still up to you on who you think is suitable to carry your child for nine months. In addition, there is still the gestational surrogate mother cost you have to take care of. As mentioned above, this particular procedure can be quite expensive so you really have to stand by your decision to go with this. It will help to find an affordable agency but you will have to still discuss the cost of the surrogate mother and other included expenses.

If an egg or sperm donor is needed, it is also an essential step to be involved with the selection process. There will also be an additional fee for this but you can have a discussion with the IVF/Surrogacy agency who’ll coordinate with egg donation agencies and even IVF clinics if necessary.

Gestational surrogacy is indeed a wonderful option for infertile couples who wants to get pregnant even if this procedure can be “costly” and involves working with an IVF/Surrogacy agency and gestational surrogate mother.