Secrets to Achieving a Six Pack

We dream of getting that six pack but there is little effort. It is time to step up and do some actions and sweating. Here in Singapore, there are many activities that promote six pack. We only need to consider it and be serious about. We have to expect that it will be difficult though.


According to the University of Virginia’s estimation, it will take us more than two hundred fifty crunches to burn at least four hundred fifty grams of fat. This estimation dated back ten years ago. The statistic simply tells us that burning fat let alone achieving that six pack is not an easy road and it is painful. However, if we are really set, nothing is Impossible. Here are some secrets to achieving that six pack:

  • Resistance training courses: Resistance training is an important thing to consider if we want to burn more. We have to know that muscles are our body’s basic fat burner. The muscles require energy for it to contract. Resistance training is not like cycling or running (where the impact is minimal). Resistance training causes a substantial amount of damage to our muscle fibres which is a good thing.


  • Core exercises: Many people think that sit-ups and crunches are enough to generate six pack but that is not the case. We can have hundreds of sit-ups and crunches but we can still have weak core. Crunches and sit-ups can help the muscle to flex and lower spine but we really need core exercises. Core exercises will permit us to move the force from our lower body to the upper body. It targets the lower-back and hip muscles.


  • Know the best time to do core exercises: Experts say that the best time to do core exercise is the beginning of the workout. While the muscles are fresh, we need to do core exercise because it is during this time that the muscles gain the fastest strength.


  • Do the plank: Planking may appear boring and easy to others but it is the simplest way to achieve six packs. The plank is important because it can make our core stiff and firm.


  • Make every second count: If we can only spare at least thirty minutes a day, might as well make every second count so we can see maximum result. Between running and resistance training, we have to consider resistance training.

If we are really keen on having that six pack, the things mentioned above can help a lot.

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