The Meanings Behind Rose Colours

Roses give colour and meaning to our lives. No flower can compare to how it is loved and revered by many people. It is well appreciated during special occasions especially  in the celebration of Valentine’s Day. When it is Valentine’s Day, roses and chocolates should not be forgotten. But are you familiar with the meanings behind rose colours? If you are not, here is the chance to understand it.


If you want to know the meanings behind rose colours, you can refer to the following guide:

  • Red – Red is the colour of love, right? When someone gives you red roses, it means love and happiness. There are some who send this one as a congratulatory gesture.
  • Dark red – Dark red can mean two things – deep love or dying love. Apart from that, it can also mean readiness to accept commitment.
  • Pink – When you see a pink rose, its charm is noticeable. Pink roses also mean admiration for one’s beauty, sweetness and elegance. zoom_24BrightMultiColorRoses14020935600
  • Light pink – Light pink has a warm appeal that is loved by many people. Light pink also speaks of gentleness, joy, loveliness, harmony and compassion.
  • Bright pink – There are also bright pink roses. You might not see this often but they exist. Bright pink roses mean gratefulness, acknowledgment and appreciation.
  • Purple – Purple roses are not common but they are present. Purple roses mean enchantment, captivated, luxury and majesty.
  • Blue – Blue roses exist. It means someone is full of mystery and uncertainty. The mystery that you project attracts someone which is a good thing and a new beginning.
  • White – White has always been the colour of innocence and purity. It is used in weddings because it represents reverence, eternal love, beauty and youthfulness.
  • Gold or yellow – Gold roses represent friendship. It represents unconcealed joy and a promise of a new start. It also means wishing luck or gladness.
  • Peach – Peach roses represent humility especially after you closed an important deal. It also means a great merriment and gratefulness.
  • Black – Black roses represent a dark feeling or emotion. It represents loss, sorrow, death, resistance and many more. Looking at the brighter side, it can mean beginning of new journeys and beginnings.
  • Orange – Orange roses speak of desire and longing. It can also mean pride for something that you did. If someone gives it to you, he/she is saying “I am proud of you”.

Now that you are familiar with its meanings, you can now properly identify the intentions of the person who gave it to you. But of course, it is always advisable to clear things out when someone gives you a rose because you might misunderstand. To you, rose have meanings depending on the colour but to the sender, roses are all the same and it does not make a difference.