6 Best Sunscreens for Optimum Sun Protection

Living in a country that’s has a tropical weather like Singapore guarantees that we’re constantly exposed to the sun. This may be good news for beach lovers who want to get than sun-kissed look but this also means the skin is constantly bared to the harsh rays of the sun.


Nowadays, it’s important to always wear sunscreen to ensure protection from harmful UV rays. Before we venture to the best sunscreens, let us first learn the difference of UVA and UVB. UVA is the type of UV rays that penetrates and damages the deeper level of the skin while UVB causes sunburn and redness, superficial damages to the skin.

The list below provides some of the best sunscreen brands for excellent sun protection.


  1. Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh with SPF 50

This sunscreen by Nivea is water-resistant, perfect for days spent at the beach. Its SPF 50 gives the ideal level of sun protection. It’s in the form of a spray mist so it’s easier and more convenient to apply. Just spray it on the whole body, let it be absorbed by the skin for several minutes and finally you can frolic under the sun, as long as you constantly re-apply it.


  1. Daylong SPF 50+ Face & Body Gel

This oil-free formulation is a double duty product, a good sun protection for the face and body. It is not harsh on sensitive and oily skin because despite its high SPF levels, it does not irritate the skin. From the company that manufactures the popular skincare brand Cetaphil, Daylong claims that its UV protection sunscreen formula is medical-grade.


  1. Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50+

The unscented formulation of Bioderma both mattifies and moisturizes the skin. It has also ingredients that can protect the skin cells from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. For those people who regularly wear sunscreen, this brand’s shine-free finish is perfect to be worn under makeup.


  1. Aesop Protective Body Lotion SPF50

This is Aesop’s first SPF product for the body. It is water-resistant and can protect the skin for up to four hours. This is perfect for most types of skin because of its lightweight formulation that can be easily soaked in the skin.


  1. Algovital White Sun Protection Cream SPF50 PA+++

Korean brand Algovital’s sunscreen product easily settles into the skin once applied. It also doesn’t leave a white cast and greasy feel when applied. It’s a great makeup base because it does not contain paraben. In addition, regular use of this sun lotion will not cause breakouts because it is non-comedogenic.


  1. Lancaster SPF 50 PA+++ Sun Control for Sensitive Skin

This cream is ultra-light and oil-free, melting and gliding onto the skin perfectly. It keeps skin hydrated and protected from the harsh heat of the sun. Its excellent formula consists of active ingredients that help control the production of melanin in the skin, preventing the formation of sun spots. Special components in its formula such as D Panthenol and Bisabolol downplays the skin’s reaction to being exposed to the sun.

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Possible Reasons Why You’re Constantly Tired

Having quality sleep is ideal because it will result to a happier and more productive you. Here in Singapore, many of us are so busy that we tend to disregard sleep, while are some of us who try their best to sleep with the help of books and chamomile tea but still miss their required zzzs. Needless to say, not getting enough sleep means poorer daytime performance.


In some cases, there are times that we have enough sleep but we still feel tired during the day. Exhaustion is not only caused by lack of sleep. We have to know that there are many possible reasons why we are constantly tired. Here are some reasons that cause daytime sleepiness:

  • Dehydration: We often underestimate the importance of water. But the thing is water plays a vital role in balancing our system. It serves as our “transportation system” in distributing nutrients throughout the body, as well as regulate blood volume. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration.


  • Lack of Exercise: We all know the importance of exercise – it keeps us healthy and fit. However, between sweating and lounging in front of the television, few will prefer exercise. After our work hours, it is difficult to put ourselves on the treadmill for even thirty minutes.

We should be aware that getting no exercise can actually make us sleepier and feeling more tired. There is a study headed by the University of Georgia that found out that twenty minutes of exercise at least thrice a week can already give our body the energy to last throughout the day.


  • Skipping Breakfast: It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After the night, our body needs to refuel or replenish so it can reboot. If we fail to eat the nutrients first thing in the morning, we will start feeling sleepy in the middle of the day.


  • Burnt Out: Some of us follow the “you only live once” philosophy, and so we do everything we can – and burn ourselves out in the process. If you spend your whole day working and your whole night partying, sooner or later, you’re going to exhaust yourself. We have to be specific when it comes to sleep, work and party/socialize. Experts advise at least eight hours of sleep every day.


  • High Sugar Diet: What we eat defines our body. If we load up tons of sweet treats and junk to our body, our health will surely suffer. Notice that after eating sweets, we usually feel lethargic. The best thing to do is avoid high-salt foods and eat more vegetable.



Alkaline Ionized Water: The Secret for Better Dental Health

Gum diseases, mouth ulcers, and dental fluorosis are among the most common mouth diseases that people in Singapore experience. Some of these cases are often caused by stress, poor diet, and prescription medication that disturb the natural pH level of the mouth.


If you want to improve your overall dental health, make sure your mouth maintains a certain level of alkalinity that’s no less than 7.0 at all times. If, in case, development of mouth sore or any mouth problem is inevitable, ionized acidic water is an effective solution to ease the pain and speed up the healing process. Here are a few more things you may want to know about alkaline water and the wonders it can do for a better dental health.

Alkaline for Brushing, Acidic for Rinsing

When brushing your teeth, use alkaline water from Singapore to wet your toothbrush. The ionized water will help the toothpaste to do better in cleaning your teeth and removing the bacteria from your teeth and gums.

If you’re using toothpaste for extra whitening or sensitive teeth, the same minerals that help the body absorb the water’s nutrients better can help your teeth to easily absorb the properties of your special toothpaste.

However, when rinsing, make use of acidic water instead of alkaline water. It has the same properties with most mouthwash that you use to rinse your mouth. The ionized acidic water will wash away any remaining toothpaste in your teeth and the remaining bacteria in your mouth.

Most people who use acidic water for mouth-washing notice that there’s a big improvement in the texture and colour of their gums and that problems with bleeding gums slowly fades away after several times of use such water.

Lastly, rinsing the toothbrush with the water will kill any remaining bacteria after brushing. The acidity of the ionized water can help reduce development of germs when the toothbrush is not in use.


Mouth Ulcers

Also known as canker sore, mouth ulcer is a mouth disease that almost anyone of us experience at some point in our lives. The common causes of this are weak immune system and side effects of some prescription drugs, as well as stress and over-consumption of acid-producing food.

A couple of over-the-counter treatments offer relief, but most of them are extremely painful and sometimes do very little to help heal the sores. Mouthwashes also help in the healing process, but many of these products available in most Singapore drugstores contain artificial colouring, sweeteners, and alcohol that many try to avoid. If yours is a chronic case, the cost of mouthwashes and over-the-counter prescriptions can add up overtime.

Acidic water from ionizing water filter has been used by many to alleviate the pain caused by mouth ulcers and speed up healing process. Unlike most over-the-counter treatments, ionized water has no alcohol or any chemicals; therefore nothing artificial that will enter your bloodstream.

Gargling ionized acidic water for 30 to 60 seconds can already help in relieving the pain. In most cases, the wounds heal more quickly than when left to heal on their own or treated with over-the-counter drugs.

Safety of Ionized Acidic Water When Swallowed

Whether it’s a mouthwash or a topical ointment, chances are you are going to swallow some of it. The same thing goes with ionized acidic water.

However, the difference is what you will be swallowing. Although it’s not recommended for drinking, ionized acidic water doesn’t contain chemicals, artificial colouring, and alcohol. It is water that’s made acidic through acidic separation done in an ionizing water filter.

If swallowing a small amount of such water concerns you a lot, you can treat your mouth sore by spraying the ionized water or lightly dabbing the affected area with a clean cloth that’s soaked in ionized acidic water.

Keep in mind that drinking alkaline water can boost your immune system and helps correct imbalances that causes dental health problems. Using ionized water as a topical treatment can greatly help in speeding up the healing process and keeping your mouth healthy inside out.


Maintaining Healthy Vision

There are Singaporeans who take their eyes for granted while there are others who take their eyes seriously. If you think your eyes are perfect, think twice. You will know if there is something wrong and when you do, you will realize that it is too late. It is important that you take your eyes seriously because you only have two and when it is lost, you cannot take it back.


You need to maintain your healthy vision if you want to see for as long as you live. Keeping the eyes healthy is not easy and it is difficult but if you are set to it, you will find that it is easy as 1 2 3. So, without further ado, here are some tips on maintaining your healthy vision:

1. Eat right. Your eyes need the nourishment it can get to be healthy. You have to know that because your diet affects your eyes. You have to be conscious of the food on your plate. Go for foods rich with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E, lutein and zinc.

These nutrients can help impede age-related problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. You have to look for green and leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and the like. You also need to eat oily fish like salmon and tuna. It does not end there because eggs, nuts and beans can be your protein source. Finally, you have to drink oranges and other citrus fruits.

2. Stop smoking. Smoking will likely lead to cataracts and other vision problems. If you are smoking, it is time to rethink about stopping it. If you tried many times but you do not succeed, try some more if you are concerned about your eyes.


3. Wear sunglasses. As simple as they are, sunglasses can help the eyes. It can protect the eyes from UV rays. UV exposure can degenerate your eyes. The next time you go out, you have to protect your eyes by wearing the right kind (the one that can help your eyes from ultraviolet rays).

4. Use proper eyewear. If your work involves airborne and hazardous materials, you have to use proper eyewear. If tiny particles get into your eyes, you will surely suffer in the future. When asked to wear safety goggles or glasses, comply because it is for your own safety.

If you think there is something wrong with your eyes, you need to go to the hospital right away. There are many hospitals here in Singapore that specializes in the eyes. You need to go directly and not risk your eyes.



How to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

The World Health Organization (WHO) is revealing the threats of antibiotic resistance to the public. The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) is cognizant of the threats of AMR to public health. WHO said that there are some bacterial infections that are found to cultivate resistance to antibiotics. WHO is concerned that it categorizes the threat “major global”.


What will happen if the bacterial infection formed a resistance to antibiotics? We will not be healed. Antibiotic resistance cases are difficult to treat and fight. That sounds alarming. The good news is that new antibiotics are developed. However, it will take time before it will be approved and available. Singapore is not only experiencing antibiotic resistance because it is present in all parts of the globe.

What is the cause of this? One of the causes is the over-using of antibiotics. MOH is advising healthcare workers and institutions to lessen inappropriate use of antibiotics. Apart from that, MOH is emphasizing the significance of good hand hygiene including infection control. In addition, WHO has given ways to fight the antibiotic resistance. It recommends the following things:


  • People: You can fight antibiotic resistance by lessening your use of antibiotics. If the doctor does not prescribe you to take one, you should not take it. You are given the prescription but you stopped because you feel better. That is not good. You have to take or complete the prescription even if you feel better. Do not share your antibiotics to others and more importantly, do not take leftover antibiotics that are not prescribed for you.
  • Health workers & pharmacists: Health workers, pharmacists and the institutions should start the fight. Health workers can help battle the antibiotic resistance by only prescribing antibiotics when they are needed. Pharmacists can help battle the antibiotic resistance by dispensing the right antibiotics. This sector should effectively enhance their infection prevention as well as control in their specific areas.
  • Policymakers: Policymakers can also play a big part in battling antibiotic resistance. Policymakers should regulate the medicines. On top of that, they should fortify the laboratory capacity of their localities.
  • Industries: For the pharmaceutical industry, they should strengthen their research and development as well as tools. The information should be shared to all stakeholders.

We often hear that familiarity breeds contempt. It can be applicable to bacterial infections too. If they are familiar of the drug, they can contempt, disrespect or challenge the antibiotic. This may sound a minor problem to you but you have to be careful because it will affect your life in the future.