Gathering Facts for News

The role of a journalist is to convey and connect to the people of what are the things that are happening in the community. Aside from that, they build a strong relationship with people in order to gain trust when they enter a specific place. These are only few things that are needed in order to get a story without having troubles.


On the other hand, a journalist needs to consider the following so that the news will be more detailed:

  • See the actual area where the event happen. If it can be possible, go to the scene wherein the event happen. By doing this, you can quickly construct your article.


  • Get some verbatim statements. In a news story, the statement of a person is very essential most especially if he is the witness of an event. There can be any individual that you might want to add to your story. However, always remember that you also need to see to it that the person you are going to interview is related to your story.
  • Verify the facts. Sometimes, there are people who doesn’t know the story but he claims to have. To be sure that his statements are factual. Ask other people so that your story will also be truthful.
  • Get both sides. This is a major rule in journalism. It is done so that the two or more persons who are involved in the news will have equal statements and may have the chance to defend themselves. This rule prevent every journalist to be biased.