Supervising Your Children When They’re Alone

Regardless of the reason, parents should not leave their children alone at home because things can happen. Kids might get hurt or do things that can harm others. You should only leave your children unsupervised when you feel that they are mature or responsible enough to take care of themselves.


The age varies, but as much as possible, they should never be left alone. If your children are below 8 years old, it is imperative that you never leave them unsupervised. If your child is over 10 years old, you can leave them for at least 30 minutes. As the child grows, you can leave them but that will depend on their maturity level.

Granting that your child is more than 10 years old and you have to do something outside, here are some tips you should follow before you leave:


Define ground rules

You have to orient your kids of your ground rules, such as never letting a stranger inside the house, keeping the doors and windows locked at all times, never telling a caller know that they (the children) are alone, never using the stove or microwave, etc.


Make sure that they know what to do

You will know the readiness of your child to be left alone when you ask a question and he/she answers appropriately. For example, you have to ask your child what to do when there is an emergency. You need to ask where he/she might find the first aid supplies, what he/she will do if there is fire, etc.

You have to be convinced that your child will follow the ground rules you set. You know your children best, if they complain, and therefore you are the best judge on whether they can take care of themselves alone. If they can’t do that, you really need to ask a relative or a sitter to watch over the kid until you get back.

Movie Lovers’ Most Awaited Flicks this November

November is a month associated with creepy and scary stuff. But it seems there wouldn’t be much of that in the cinemas as the most awaited movies lined up for release next month are on the fantasy and sci-fi genre.


Ender’s Game (Opens this Nov. 7 here in Singapore)

Based on the popular novel by master sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game is about humanity’s fight with sentient alien bugs out to destroy our planet. It centers on Ender Wiggin, a boy who is phenomenally talented at war strategies, and so was trained exclusively to command the force that will face our alien adversaries. It stars Asa Butterfield as Ender and Harrison Ford as Ender’s military trainer.

Thor: The Dark World (Opens this Nov. 8 here in Singapore)

Who will not be hooked with the sizzling team-up of the very lovely Natalie Portman and the very hot Chris Hemsworth? This movie continues the adventure of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, who will fight to save Earth from an enemy that even Odin and Asgard can’t endure. This will be a different journey for Thor that will reunite him with Jane Foster and his adopted brother Loki.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Opens in Nov. 22 here in Singapore)

Personally, this movie is on my top lists to watch this year. I was captivated by the first one and this would probably make me crazy over Jennifer Lawrence. In this sequel, after Katniss Everdeen won the 74th Annual hunger Games along with Peeta Mellark, they became a target of the Capitol which will start a rebellion in the Districts of Panem. This sequel is most embodied in its signature statement, “Fire is catching.”

A Community’s Worst Nightmare

It is really heartbreaking when we hear news about young people here in Singapore committing suicide. According to the statistics from last year, there was an increase in suicidal rate among Singaporeans aged 20 to 29 years old. These are young people that should have been just starting to fulfil their dreams. Agencies like the Samaritan of Singapore (SOS) are doing their best to prevent the increase of such cases which brings light on a rather grave situation.


Why young people in Singapore commit suicide, considering that we are a prosperous nation:

  • They expect so many things that they desire to happen in their lives
  • They want more than what they can have
  • The need for more is constant and everywhere
  • Other stressful life events and interpersonal relationship issues grip their lives everyday

How to prevent this new generation of Singaporeans from killing themselves:

  • Involvement of the community in encouraging these young people to voice out what they are feeling inside.
  • Families love and support is very critical in any area of these young people’s lives.
  • Personal faith of these young people should be established.
  • Agency’s advocacies about the prevention of suicides should be carried out by all of the people in Singapore.
  • Engage these young people in extracurricular activities that will divert their minds from the stresses of life and make them more productive in the community.

Why do Singaporeans Shop?

Shopping is a much loved activity by Singaporeans. Shopping centers and malls in Singapore are crowded during almost any day of the week.

There are many reasons why people shop, and they may be classified into four basic types.


List Shopping

This type is pre-planned. You have a list of what you need or want to purchase, and your focus is fixed on those items. In other words, you are on a “mission” to buy all items quickly and without fuss. This type usually covers shopping for grocery items, medicines and other home needs.

Item Shopping

This type is all about buying a specific item. It could be that you are running out of shampoo and you need to get a new bottle, or it is your brother’s graduation and you want to give him a surprise gift. This type is often driven by occasions and events.

Recreational Shopping

This type is also referred to as ‘window shopping’. The shopping trip is pre-planned, but totally open-ended. At times, you may not even purchase anything. People consider shopping as a means to get entertained, to relax, to learn and discover, and even to fantasize. This type usually happens when people want to check out what’s the latest trend.

Impulse Shopping

This type is the most spontaneous and the open form of shopping. The shopping trip is done merely on impulse. It is the shopper at her most unpredictable state. Usually, people do impulse shopping with items like snack foods, chocolates, and other cute and amusing things. Even if you go to the grocery store with a list, you always end up buying more.\

Why do Singaporeans Like to Shop Online?

What’s the latest trend in shopping? It’s buying items online! Indeed, the Internet has revolutionized, now providing convenient shopping to everyone.

Here are the common reasons why people in Singapore like to shop online.


Better Prices

For many shoppers, online shopping is one great way to have super savings. With online shopping, you can purchase designer clothes and other fancy items at great discounts. Most of the time, there are also promos and other exciting deals intended for those who shop online. And if you only you are a frequent visitor of their websites, then you could enjoy their sweet treats.

Escape from Crowds

Another good thing about online shopping is that you don’t have to squeeze into a crowd of shoppers, thus saving your claustrophobic self. If you shop online, it’s only you and your computer. Plus, paying your bill can be done without fuss. It’s something you can’t have in shopping malls where queues can really drain your patience and endurance.

Time Saver

Online shopping definitely saves your precious time. Imagine, you no longer have to travel from your place of residence to the shopping center, and vice versa. You can even do a couple of things at once, such as shopping while watching our favorite TV show. Online shopping is easy and fast.

Wide Variety of Items

With a lot of clothing lines and other businesses opening up their online stores, it is very much possible for you to browse through different items and look at the prices. This becomes an advantage on your part because you can have a good comparison of the items before you finally purchase the best one.

Are You Hungry? Grab a Bite

Hunger is not something to be endured because it can cause serious problems at the end of the day. Hunger should be taken care of once you feel it. The good thing here in Singapore is that wherever you look, delectable foods are readily available. You can for example go to:



If you want to grab a bite of American steaks, CUT is the ideal place to visit. It is nestled in The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands (B1-71). The Cut offers a classy menu that will take your breath away. Expect to taste the finest beef. You should try American Wagyu, Blue Shrimps and Crab, Salads and many more. The dining room is open every Sun to Thurs (6PM to 10PM) and Fri to Sat (6PM to 11PM). The lounge/bar is open every Mon to Sun from 5:30PM to 12AM.

DB Bistro Moderne


The restaurant is famous because of its simple yet sophisticated fusion of dishes. They also provide over four hundred wine selections that go well with your dishes. It is nestled in The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands (B1-48). You should try their burger, seafood platter, flambee and many more. They serve lunch every Mon to Fri (12noon to 5PM) and Sat to Sun (11AM to 5PM). Dinner is served every Sun to Mon (5:30PM to 10PM) and Tues to Sat (5:30PM to 11PM).

If you are still hungry, there are numerous restaurants and food centres that you can consider. If you want a simple alfresco meal, there are many stalls and hawkers that provide good food. After the sumptuous meals, you can choose to wander around the city to burn what you ate.

Where to See the Best Sports Bar in Singapore

Singapore in the morning is a busy nation with many businesses to run but when night falls, it becomes a party nation with many lively bars and night clubs. There are numerous bars and night clubs in Singapore that will surely entertain you. They will provide booze, music, lights and great ambiance. If in this case you want to go to a sports bar, you can begin by considering the best sport bars in Singapore to include:



Boomarang is located in Robertson Quay. The setting is beautiful for you can see Singapore River. It is a sports bar, bistro and cafe rolled into one. You will enjoy the food and drinks. Prices are more or less S$18. Happy hours are from Monday-Friday (5pm to 8pm) and Sunday (2pm to 8pm).

Muddy Murphy’s

Muddy Murphy’s Bar is located within Orchard Hotel Arcade. It is an Irish bar that caters to locals and other expats in Singapore. The ambiance is good with excellent food and drinks. Prices are from S$16 to S$50. They have this happy hour happening every day from 11:30am to 7:30pm. You can avail of their 20% off on all their drinks.


Harry’s is located in Chijmes. The bar is considered as the leading bar in Singapore that provides great experience for their customers. They have great food, ambiance and drinks. Prices are from S$25 to S$35.


Bungy Bar is located in Traders Market, Clarke Quay. Bungy is popular among teenagers but the place is for everyone. You will enjoy good company, excellent food and heavenly drinks. Admission fee is from S$12 to S$20.

Beer Market

Beer Market is located within Clarke Quay. It is the perfect place to drink, dance, socialize and watch your favourite sports. They also offer happy hour from 6pm to 8pm every Monday through Thursday and Sunday for only S$2. Dishes usually cost S$10 to S$20.

Have a good time!

Grab a Bite

What is the best thing to do after work? Some people prefer to head home directly and rest but there are others that head to restaurants and food centres to grab a bite. If you are in the mood for eating, you can go to the following places and enjoy what they offer:



If you are especially craving for French pastries and breads, Choupinette is the ideal place. The interior and the garden of this cafe will give you a picture of a French countryside. It is magical when you eat here. They have éclairs, baguettes, hazelnut, chocolate, custard, macaroons, raspberries and more. You can also eat your breakfast and dinner here. Foods here start at S$20 to S$30. They are open every Tuesday to Friday (9AM to 10PM), Saturday (8AM to 10PM) and Sunday (8AM to 6PM).


Golden Peony

If you are looking for local and international cuisines at one place, Conrad Centennial Hotel is the perfect place to be. It is located in Temasek Blvd. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of local and international dishes. Meals here start at S$85 to S$110. The restaurant is open daily for 24 hours.

Crystal Jade Kitchen


If you want to grab a taste of Cantonese dishes, you should go to Crystal Jade. It is nestled in Ngee Ann City. There are at least 10 branches spread around Singapore. They serve congee, dim sum, rice meals, noodles, Wonton Mee and many more. Meals here start at S$50. It is open daily from 11AM to 10PM.

There is nothing wrong if you consider all the food centres mentioned above at once. After eating, you would want to walk for a while. You can window shop or walk around the nearest park. When you come home, you will surely feel blessed, refreshed and ready for the work tomorrow.