6 Property Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Maintaining a property in a property management business can be challenging especially if you don’t have enough resources to use to carry out the maintenance procedures that your property needs. So here are some tips that can possibly help you maintain your property and save you from the huge expenses in the long run.


1. Conduct monthly pest extermination. Doing monthly pest extermination procedures is the best way to avoid insect or rodent problems in your property. When doing this type of maintenance procedure, do it in your entire property and not just on a single apartment since insects and rodents will just simply transfer to another part of your property and start the infestation again.

You can actually do this maintenance procedure on your own but it would be better if you get a professional help to have it properly done. Try checking out some pest control services offered in Singapore. It can cost some money but it’s a better option than losing your tenants and potential tenants because of pest problems.

2. Do some inspection for possible water damage or leaks. Checking your property for some water leaks is an ideal thing to do after a heavy rain storm or during hot and humid days. Aside from that, the property estate manager in Singapore should also check your roof, ceiling and wall if there are any signs of soft spots on it since identifying water leaks as early as possible is important to avoid the damages that it might cause to the property and to the possession of the tenants.

Management Checklist

3. Perform regular tests on all smoke detectors in your property. All types of detectors, both battery-operated and wired ones, should be tested to ensure that they are functioning properly. It’s important to conduct such test since these devices can help in saving lives whenever there’s fire or a carbon monoxide leak happening in the establishment. Ask yourself: “Do I know every item in my estate?” You should also be knowledgeable about the lifespan of each device and have it replaced when it has already exceeded its given lifespan.

4. Change the filters in your air systems. Correct property management involves changing the filters of your air conditioning units or in your heaters for at least twice a year. Try contacting the manufacturer of your unit so that you’ll know what kind of filter is best suited for your unit. Changing filters is also essential to decrease your utility bill since keeping dirty filters can cause the system of your unit to work harder, which can possibly lead to malfunctions and could cause your cooling system to freeze-up.

5. Drain your water heater. Draining your water heaters at least once or twice a year would be a good thing to do to remove some residues that can build up in your unit which can possibly reduce the efficiency of your water heater. Just remember that you need to be cautious in draining your water heater and, if possible, try to follow the procedures advised by property management Singapore on how to properly drain your heater.

It’s really important to maintain your property in Singapore, especially if that is where you get your income. You might end up spending some money by doing some maintenance but it can also save you in any further expenses in the future.