Tips in Overcoming Negativity

No matter how happy you think you are, there will always be negative things that will somehow manifest. When you encounter negative things, there are only two options– dwell unto it or fight it. If you dwell unto it, you will become the loser. Meanwhile, if you fight it, you will become the winner.


So, what will you do? Of course, fight it. In line with that, this article seeks to give you some tips in overcoming your negativity. Here are some tips worth the time:

  • Meditate: You will know yourself better if you meditate or do yoga. Meditation will help you ease your mind.
  • Smile: It may sound a little cliché but smiling can really make a difference at the end of the day. Smiling randomly to other people will lighten the heart and it is a nice feeling. Try it and you will know.


  • Choose the people you are with: The people that you spend most of your time is the biggest contributor of how you see your life. Select people that inspire you not discourage you. Avoid people who are very negative.
  • You are responsible: Taking responsibility will make you worried and anxious but once you gladly welcome and accept it, things will make easier. Always think that there is a way out all the time and you only decide what your life will become.
  • Be thankful: Wherever you are and whatever you do, it is nice to be polite and thankful.

The things mentioned above are simple but not all Singaporeans appreciate it. Singaporeans should learn to nurture their mind and feelings. This may sound ordinary to you but your negativity will surely be your downfall.

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