The Next Urbanathlon

Men will surely look forward to the 2014 edition of the Urbanathlon. The next Urbanathlon will be more difficult, challenging and exciting for Singaporean runners. It was announced that the 2014 Urbanathlon will feature five new obstacle courses including the much anticipated mystery obstacle course. The ultimate challenge is waiting.


Urbanathlon embodies strength, endurance, mobility and robustness. If you are into this sport, you have to train hard. Be sure to give time for your training. These workouts will serve as your training for the upcoming Urbanathlon:

Workout One

You can begin by running for at least two miles. To be more effective, you can run towards a hill. When you are done, go back to the starting point and do it again for 10 times. Remember to increase a quarter mile every week until you reach at least 6 miles.


Workout Two


After training for your run, you can now consider sprinting. You can start a 400 yard sprint. Be sure that you maintain your pace from the start of the line up to the finish. Remember to increase one round every week until you reach eight rounds.

Workout Three

Now it is time to increase the intensity of your sprinting. You can begin an 800 yard sprint. You have to be sure that you maintain your pace from the beginning of the line up to the finish. Do not forget to increase one round each week until you reach 8 rounds.

You can follow the above mentioned workouts or you can look for other workout guidelines. Urbanathlon is made possible by SPH Magazines and HiVelocity. It will be presented by Scoot. The race will happen on March 2, 2014. Join the fitness challenge and you can prove to yourself how strong you are. Good luck on the race!