Marathon Training Tips

The prestigious Paris Marathon concluded last April 6, 2014. Many people joined the activity but only a few made it to the top. It was Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia who won the first place. Surprisingly, it was the first attempt of Bekele but he won anyway. He finished the marathon with a time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 2 seconds.


Second place went to his fellow Ethiopian Limenih Getachew with a time of 2 hours 6.49 seconds. The third place is won by Luka Kanda from Kenya with a time of 2 hours 8.02 seconds. The marathon was tough according to Bekele but nothing stopped him from claiming the top spot. With the right amount of attitude and training, nothing is impossible.

If you are thinking about training for marathon, here are some tips worth your time and effort:


  • Submit to medical check-up: Even if you think you are in good condition, it pays to go to your doctor and have yourself tested. You need to be sure of your condition.
  • Secure things: The next thing that you should do is secure the things needed for your marathon. You can begin by purchasing gears, running shoes and some clothes. You should think that the things you will buy are good investments.
  • Check the weather: You have to check the weather when you are running. Conditioning your body to deal with different seasons is important. You need to research what you need to do for different seasons.
  • Training schedules: Now you are ready to train. You should make a schedule for your training. You have to do it because you are aware of your body and you know the best time to train. You only need to establish a base of at least 15 miles a week and gradually increase.

That should be enough. Good luck on your marathon!