Ways to Keep your Teens from Smoking

Every second, one individual is introduced in the realm of smoking. The alarming thing is patrons of smoking are getting younger and younger. Teenagers for example are doing it and the unsettling thing is that the numbers of smoking teenagers are increasing by the minute. If you are a parent with teenagers, you are uneasy because you often think about your teens smoking outside the school.  teen-smoking

Your teens will unceasingly challenge you. They will be adamant and stubborn but you have to make your point so they will stop it. Here in Singapore, there are many anti-smoking campaigns for the general population but teens are not affected at all. No matter how gruesome the pictures are posted in the campaigns, teens seem not affected of the health impacts of smoking. Apart from that, peer pressure is to be blamed.

If you know that your teens are smoking, you should take it seriously and think of ways to stop it before it is too late. Here are some tips that you can consider:

1. Be a good example. You cannot invite change when you are doing it. If you are smoking, telling your kid to stop smoking will be difficult. You have to set a good example for your teens. Remember that you are the most powerful influence in your child’s life. Your actions will determine how your child grows.

2. Talk to your teens. When you notice something amiss, the first thing that you do is try to talk to your kids. It is important that you spend time with your teens and try to open up. You may be successful or not but you should give it a try. Talk about the health impacts of smoking.


3. Understand your teens. If you talk to your teens and they open up, you should uncover and understand their attraction to smoking. There is a reason why they behave that way. When you understand them, you will handle it better.

4. Let your teens do the math. Do not hurt or despise your child because of smoking. Sometimes they only need to look into reality closer so they can decide to stop. You can for example tell your teens to do the math. Stress that smoking is expensive.

5. Point out hygiene issues. If your teens are vain, you can use it to stop their smoking habits. You can point out that smoking is smelly and dirty. It can give them bad breath and some wrinkles. You can also stress that their clothes will surely smell of smoke no matter how they hide it through perfumes.

If your teens asked for your help because they cannot go away, you should offer your hand and help them. You can bring them to support centres and let them socialize with support groups. They need to know they are not alone. You have to accept them despite everything.