Learning the Basic Moves of Belly Dancing

You see many practitioners of belly dancing here in Singapore. In fact, the practitioners grew overtime. Belly dancing is a non-impact exercise therefore it is appropriate for all ages. Since belly dancing highlights the flexibility of the torso, it can benefit the spine. In fact, according to experts, belly dancing can help prevent osteoporosis.


It does not end there because belly dancing can also strengthen your upper body, shoulders and arms. With the help of popular artists like Dolphina, Veena and Neena, the world knew about belly dancing and its wonders. There are many forms, style and costume depending on the region. This article will discuss famous techniques and movements.

You have to remember that belly dancing highlights the emphasis of the hips and its articulation. The movements are grouped according to the following categories:


  • Fluid: Fluid movements include the continuous motion of the body. These movements necessitate a great control of abdominal muscles. One famous movement is the vertical and horizontal movement of infinity loop or number 8. Fluid movements are used to portray lyrical sections.
  • Percussive: Percussive movements are used to portray a beat. Famous movements include hip twists, hip lifts and hip drops.
  • Shimmies: Shimmies are known for the small but continuous and fast movements of ribcage and hips. Famous movements include tiny hip vibrations, twist shimmies and many more.

If you are interested to do belly dancing, you have to look for instructors right away. There are many here in Singapore. It may look hard at first but once you indulge, things will be fun.