How to Commit to Travelling More this Year

All of us have surely felt a little pang of jealousy after hearing that a colleague or a friend has been travelling constantly. Although it’s one of the most fulfilling things a person can do, travelling can be a difficult thing to plan, especially if you’re low on resources such as time and money. If you ever find yourself wishing that you could spend more time travelling this year, then look no further than the tips and tricks below. By just making some simple changes, you’re well on your way to an adventure-packed year.


1. Change Your Outlook
Although a lot of people see travelling as an unattainable luxury, the first step to making your travelling dreams come true is to simply change this mind-set. Learn to prioritize travelling the same way you’d prioritize eating out, decorating your home, or going out with friends. Keeping your travel plans at par with the other aspects of your life that you spend money and time on will allow you to work it into your daily life.

2. Come Up with a Travel Budget
The absolute way to commit to travelling more is to create a workable travel budget. Save money for your travel plans the same way you’d save for your rent, groceries, or night-outs with friends. It doesn’t need to be a lot of money, but its best if you set a specific amount of your earnings that you’re willing to save. Although it may vary, choose an amount that makes sense with your travelling goals. If you’re planning on taking more road trips this year, you’ll need to save slightly less than someone who’s hoping to go on international trips.


3. Start Small
If you’re still a travel novice, then it’s best for you to start small with your travel plans to avoid being overwhelmed. There are lots of amazing places to visit even if you don’t have a large budget. Consider a nearby city or state that you want to visit, then start your planning there. Sure, international trips are amazing, but there’s something equally wonderful about travelling your own state or country. You can visit a national park, take a road trip to the coast, or go on a food crawl on your own city or any nearby cities.

4. Make an Extra Income Stream
A great way to help you pay for the day-to-day activities during your trip is to create an extra income stream. You can do this by putting your home, apartment or room up for rent on websites like VRBO or Airbnb. A lot of travellers get to pay for their lodging on their trips using this method. Sure, it’ll require some great planning on your end (like finding a relative or friend who’ll assist the renters while you’re gone), but it can be a huge money saver especially for a first-time traveller like you.


5. Look Into Your Work
Another great way to commit to travelling more is by looking into your job. Even if your work doesn’t require travel, some Singapore companies often conduct annual conferences in other places that staff members need to attend. If you’re able to attend yours, then use that conference as a jumping point to one of your trips, and make sure that you take a few days off before or after your conference so that you can really explore your destination.

Apart from that, some companies also offer to subsidize your attendance at a workshop or conference that will help in your professional development. This can also be a great opportunity for you to develop your skills and explore a new city at once.

6. Get a Loyalty Program
Getting an airline loyalty program is the best course of action if you’re thinking of having a year filled with more travel. There are various airline loyalty programs out there, so do consider the place you’ll travel most and how often you’ll travel to find a loyalty program that perfectly fits your lifestyle.
Even for a travel novice, planning a trip is actually pretty easy if you just follow the aforementioned tips. So here’s to more happy and safe travels this 2016!