Considering a Custom Ring Design

Every relationship is unique, and it’s just fitting to find an engagement and wedding ring that is as unique as the love you have with your partner for each other.

The specifics of that distinct ring vary from couple to couple. Many may find the perfect proposal ring by having a combination of elements—gemstone, band style, and metal—and use them as basic building blocks to come up with an infinite number of unique designs, while others simply want to incorporate an heirloom stone or an engraving to their ring.

But if you are among those people who have one single vision of how your ring should look like and you can’t find it anywhere, consider having a custom-made engagement ring. Every ring has its own story, and if you want your ring to serve as a reminder of the love story you have after saying ‘I do,’ then a custom-made ring could be the one for you.

The Pros and Cons

Before proceeding into the process of custom-making a wedding ring, and review these pros and cons to know what it takes to make your dream ring into reality.

Creating your own custom ring has many advantages:

• Your ring is a pure reflection of your unique personality, interests and values
• There will never have a ring like yours
• It will garner attention and a great conversation starter in the years to come
• With matching wedding rings, you will create a meaningful symbol of you as a couple.

However, also keep in mind these disadvantages:

• It is definitely more expensive, so don’t be surprised if it costs three times the price of most ready-made wedding rings. The price depends on how elaborate the design is and the diamond or gemstones used.
• It takes longer to get done. Unlike store-bought rings, custom-made ones take several months to assemble. So if you’re looking into customizing your wedding ring, make sure to start planning six to eight months in advance to guarantee your ring gets done on time.
• It needs more involvement when you want to customise my wedding bands in Singapore on your part. Your jeweller may have to call you in several times for touch-point meetings and necessary adjustments.

The Process

The specific steps vary according to the jeweller and your needs, but generally, here’s what you can expect when designing your own engagement ring.

1. Sketching Your Ring

Ask yourself this: Do I have a really distinct vision of my ring? Remember that wanting ‘something unique’ is not enough to go the custom-made route, because rings found in stores are already unique in their own way.

Once you have made up your mind, draw your ideal ring as best as you can. If your sketching skills did not give justice to your unique idea, try browsing the internet to get a clearer vision of the elements (filigrees, carvings, organic lines, unique settings, etc.), which you can copy to your drawing. This is simple logic, but worth mentioning—the more specific you can get with your sketch, the easier it is to explain to your jeweller and the more likely you’ll get the ring you want.

2. Find the Right Jeweller

After putting your idea into paper, you will need someone who can do the design. Start with a jeweller who you know is trust-worthy, if you know one. Many jewellers in Singapore have someone in-house who can create customized rings or can refer you to a reliable colleague. If this is your first-time to do jewellery shopping and doesn’t know anyone in the business, turn to family and friends for recommendations.

When searching for a good jeweller in Singapore, ask to see photos of their latest custom wedding ring projects. While browsing through their works, keep in mind that—as an artist—these professionals will likely add a touch of their own idea, so you want to make sure that you like the details and elements of their works.

3. Collaborate

You already have your sketch with you, and already have a designer to do the work. Now, it’s time to sit and discuss with your jeweller to get the project started. Once the project is in progress, get a full item illustration or request for a mock-up of the final product so you can make necessary adjustments if it is not the output you expect or want. Also, make sure to see samples of different metals and stones used by your jeweller to get a better vision of how your ring will likely turn out.

It’s natural to feel intimidated at first when speaking with an experienced jeweller, but don’t let this hinder you from expressing your thoughts, questions and concerns about your wedding or engagement ring.

4. Protect Your Investment

Take precautionary measures and make sure you have fully understood the warranty and guarantee policies when working with any jeweller. You would want to get everything agreed upon in writing, including the name of the designer, appraisal info and the elements incorporated in your ring such as the metal, stone, colour, engraving, etc. Lastly, and most importantly, to protect the ring’s sentimental and monetary value, do not forget to have it insured.

Customized ring is a great option for those who want a one-in-a-million kind of piece or want to incorporate significant or heirloom stones. With custom jewellery, you have full control of how you want your ring would look like and the elements used on your jewellery. If you fancy a custom-made engagement ring or wedding band, remember these points as you go through the process.

5 Smart Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Wedding Planning

If you’re going to personally plan your wedding, then learning how to use Pinterest is a must. You can use it to pin ideas and inspiration for dresses, photoshoots, flowers and even décors. Just be careful with too much pinning though as it can lead to a wedding that’s way off your budget. So take a break from your usual wedding pinning routine and try these five smart ways of using Pinterest to plan your wedding.


  1. Get Theme Ideas. Do you already have a theme for your wedding? If none, then it might be time to turn to Pinterest for some help. Whether you’re planning to have an old barn theme or something more upscale, Pinterest has you covered. So start pinning those unique wedding themes now.


  1. Pin DIY Wedding Projects. If you’re more of a DIY bride, then Pinterest is just the perfect website for you. Not only is it filled with tons of unique DIY wedding projects, it’ll also make your wedding a lot easier to plan. So whether you’re going to use mason jars as your centrepiece, or you just want to do something unique with your wedding favours, Pinterest have all the great DIY ideas just for you.


  1. Provide Cake Inspiration. The wedding cake is the focal point of any wedding, so you’d definitely want it to be mind-blowing. With Pinterest, you can make this possible. From finding just the perfect cake for your theme to making your own, Pinterest has everything covered. Trust us, there’s just tons of cake designs in Pinterest and you’ll definitely find one that perfectly fits your theme.


  1. Contain Other Person’s Ideas. Other than giving you tons of ideas for your wedding, you can also use Pinterest to contain the ideas of your relatives and friends. Invite the over-helpful to create her own board on Pinterest and let them pin their ideas. Who knows, you might find some interesting ideas in their boards that you haven’t considered yet.


  1. Guide for Guests. Another great way to use Pinterest apart from pinning wedding ideas, is using it to guide your guests in finding your wedding and event locations. Simply pin photos of your ceremony site, reception venue and other locations. Just make sure that fill out the description field to let your guest know what each location is.

Planning a wedding is really stressful, but with the help of websites like Pinterest, getting ideas, inspirations and organizing your wedding can already be as easy as clicking a few buttons on your phone.