Common Skin Problems and How to Hide Them

We all love good skin days as much as we love good hair days, but unfortunately, most of us rarely experience such days. Luckily, we already have the essential tools to cover up the blemishes and under eye circles, and step outside with head held high. So, list down these few tips that will help you conceal those skin problems and keep the good skin days coming.


  1. Pimples

We’ve always thought that the best way to cover up blemishes is to conceal it using layers of products. Sadly, this trick is not that effective at all, and the layers of products only end up putting an uncomfortable feeling on our skin. Instead of immediately putting on various concealing products, start by moisturizing your skin and applying a thin layer of foundation. This will actually provide more coverage and result in lesser application of concealer. After that, cover up the blemish by patting a high-coverage concealer and blend it using your finger.

However, it doesn’t just end at covering up the blemish. You’ll need to maintain the coverage all day long, and the best way to do this is to remove the products and reapply it all over again. If you have enough time to spare, use some wipes or a makeup remover to remove the concealer, before reapplying it.

  1. Under Eye Circles

Knowing why you have under eye circles in the first place, is one of the best ways for you to effectively cover them up. Some Singapore women have the bruise-toned circles under their eyes, while others have sunken eye sockets which casts a shadow under their eyes. Test which under eye circles you have by raising your head. When the circles disappear as you raise your head, then your bags are caused by the latter. To deal with that, use light-reflecting concealers to brighten the area. For more permanent shadows, opt for a creamier formula to provide you with more coverage.


  1. Dryness

Other than peeling, itching, and skin irritation, getting your makeup to stay in one place is a nightmare for someone who has a dry skin. To keep your dry skin manageable, always keep your skin moisturized. Do this by using a hydrating serum underneath your day cream for a more noticeable effect. Foundation would be the next step, and we suggest that you opt for liquid or cream foundation to avoid the clumping on your dry skin.

  1. Visible Pores

If what you’re trying to camouflage are visible pores, then you should work on your base and top coat. Applying primers can help in reducing the size of your pores. Likewise, a micro-finish formula powder will also be able to help you add a level of blur to your skin, reducing the appearance of visible pores.


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