Dos and Don’ts for Buying the Perfect Wedding Bands

We all spend so much time finding the perfect engagement ring. From carat size to jewellery designers that make the best rings, we study every aspect of the ring to make sure we pick the best one that will last for decades.

But truth be told, you will likely spend much more time wearing your wedding ring than your engagement ring throughout your marriage. The wedding band is usually our choice when doing most of our day-to-day activities (e.g. going to work, hitting the gym, walking the dog, etc.).

In addition, with so many different styles of engagement rings, how can one go about choosing the right wedding band to go with the existing ring? Many assume that a simple comfort fit band will do the trick, but that isn’t always the best choice. To set the records straight, here are some dos and don’ts when on the hunt for the perfect wedding bands.

1. DO your homework.

Like searching for a wedding gown, doing as much research as possible beforehand is the best way to have a pleasant shopping experience. Armed with the right knowledge, Singapore wedding ring shopping would be much easier—you’ll understand the jargons and know exactly what to look for. It’s ideal to give yourself at least two months to visit jewellery shops around Singapore, scan magazines and brochures and check websites and online stores for inspirations.

2. DO pick a matching metal as your engagement ring.

Especially if you’re planning to wear both rings all the time, having the same metal will make the rings look cohesive. Even if the design of the wedding ring did not match the proposal ring, having them in the same metal will look as if they were bought together. Moreover, by picking the same kind, they will also show an even amount of wear through the years.

3. DO consider buying the bands from the engagement-ring seller.

Ask your fiance where he bought the engagement ring, so you can try similar styles or check out if there’s a matching wedding band for your ring. If bought online, find out complementing styles that the online store carries. Many jewellery designers purposely create sets for easy wedding ring pairing. If you can’t find a band that matches your ring, inquire about custom orders and submit a photo of your inspiration to the seller.

4. DO have fun.

When shopping for wedding bands with your significant other, amidst the hectic wedding planning activities, try to make this part as relaxed and fun as possible. Make ring shopping special and something you look forward to. Perhaps, go on a lovely lunch or dinner, and then afterwards visit two or three places to check out some displays. The earlier you begin the search, the more relaxed and romantic this experience will be.

5. DON’T purchase right away.

Your wedding band is meant to last and be worn forever, so do not rush on buying one that you just saw. Notice the style, width and stones and take the time to absorb its beauty. Leave the store and stroll around for more options. You will know if you found the right one if nothing compares to it. Just like searching for the perfect wedding dress, the right wedding band should feel and look perfect even if compared to other rings. If you found an interesting design online, bookmark it, show it to your fiance and sleep on it. If after a couple of days you still love that particular ring, you know it’s the right one for you.

6. DON’T overpower the engagement ring.

The wedding band typically comes as a secondary to the engagement ring. So, let your ring do the shining and let the band beautifully complement it. For example, if the proposal ring stars a round diamond in halo setting, you may want to choose a plain and simple band with tiny studs of diamond (or no diamond at all) to complement the existing ring.

7. DON’T limit yourself to gold.

Although gold is the most common metal for wedding bands, it is not the only one available in the market. Jewellery stores in Singapore carry wedding rings in many different metals, such as silver, cobalt, titanium, platinum and tungsten. While gold is the most sought-after, other metals can look just as elegant as traditional gold bands. Some metals can also be engraved, studded with stones or even combined with other metals to create a more durable wedding band.

8. DON’T worry too much about matching wedding bands.

Whether or not you’ll match the band of your spouse is completely up to you and likely depends on the taste and lifestyle of each person. Different hand sizes are one consideration. Since it’s expected that women’s hand is smaller than men’s, you would want a slimmer band than his. If you want a more embellished band to match your princess cut ring and he’s not much of a fancy guy, do not fear. Many couples in such situations simply ensure to have at least one element of the ring that matches —engraving, metal, or stones—to tie the look together.

Your wedding is one of the most romantic event that your family, friends and of course you and your fiancé will remember for ages. Whatever wedding ring design you’re having, these rings will be the constant reminder of your love and commitment for each other. By keeping in mind these dos and don’ts of wedding ring shopping, you will certainly find the right ones that will last beautifully all throughout your marriage.

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