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10 Work-Wear Essentials 20-Something Female Professionals Should Have
When getting dressed for your nine-to-five job starts to feel laborious, then it might be time for you to review your closet essentials. Chances are, you might be missing the key items that can make your morning dress up routine a lot easier. Whether you work in a corporate office in Singapore, or in a more creative field, start building your closet using these basic and solid foundations.


  1. White Button-Down Shirt. Thinking why this shirt is one of the classics? Well, that is for two very simple reasons: it fits any season, and works for almost every women. So, what else could you ask for?


  1. Blazer. Start dressing up for success every day with a blazer that you can pair with almost anything, from your classic black dress to your favourite skinny jeans. So start eyeing for those sample sales and holiday markdowns to score high quality designs at a rather pocket-friendly price.


  1. Cashmere Sweater. Admit it, you’ve never seen a cashmere sweater that you didn’t like. These lovely sweats are every working girl’s T-shirt. Pair it up with a crew cut, or V-neck and a cardigan, and you’re ready to go.


  1. Black Pumps. If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss on your work wardrobe, it’s a pair of black pumps. Choose a pair with a heel height range that is between two to four inches to add a more sophisticated feel on your ensemble.


  1. Black Dress. You can never go wrong with a black dress. Keep one or two of these dresses ready in your closet. Just make sure that your hemlines hover right above or below your knee.



  1. Jeans. If this gets a green light in your office, then go for a couple of pairs set in black or dark blue colours. But save your distressed denim, and contrast washes for the after work night outs.


  1. Statement Jewellery. Show off your personal style through a statement jewellery. Pair up each jewellery with your ensemble and wear them one at a time to avoid overdoing it.


  1. Silk Camisoles and Blouses. These pieces are great and versatile layering pieces for blazers and cardigans. Stock up a couple of these items that set in muted colours like nude, white, blush, mocha, and navy.


  1. Bags. Whether you like or not, your co-workers tend to notice the arm candy that you always tote around. So don’t hesitate to spend a little extra to get a timeless bag that you’ll have for your entire working life. Also, don’t be afraid to buy used bags, you’ll soon realize that these pieces are godsend.


  1. Dark Trousers. Well-tailored, dark trousers are foundation of every woman’s working ensemble. Trying wearing them with your favourite silk blouse and heels, or pair them with oxfords if you want to pull off a menswear-inspired getup. A pair of trouser will definitely provide you with endless wardrobe options.

Now that you know what items you should be keeping in your wardrobe, it’ll now be easier for you to mix and match your pieces. Because with these basics, you’ll definitely never go wrong.


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