Easiest Ways to Conceal Hair Breakage

Hair breakage may sound implausible for most of us, but for someone who has dabbled in damaging hair experiments, this hair problem is very real. Unlike other hair problems that can be treated with deep conditioning, hair breakage will only be noticed once the damage has been done. But don’t go panicking and chopping your hair off yet, since there are some available and easy ways that you can try out to remedy your breakage problem.


  1. Change Your Part. If your hair has already broken off into shorter pieces, then concealing it may become incredibly difficult. A good way to cover it up though, is to switch up your part to weigh down the shorter pieces and allow them to blend with the rest of your hair. If you usually wear a centre part, change it into a deep side part to hide the breakage; if your usual part is on the side, switch into the opposing side or create a diagonal part.
  1. Smooth It Down. Your hair breakage problem isn’t going to go away easily, so the trick to keeping it from the view is to blend your broken areas with the rest of your locks. The best way to do it is to apply some pomade to smooth the shorter strands down. Other than pomade, you can also apply a light mist of hairspray to keep your short strands in place.


  1. Pull It Back. Another obvious solution to your breakage problem is to wear an up-do or a ponytail. You can sport a loose, messy bun since its tousled look won’t be easily thrown off by your errant strands. If some broken pieces are still falling loose, use some bobby pins to keep them in place.
  1. Braid It. Other than wearing ponytail, you can also keep your short strands in check by braiding it. With braids, you can group your short hair sections with the rest of your hair and even add some texture and interest. To ensure that your braid’s in place, apply some braid paste for a stronger braid grip.

Hair breakage is definitely one of the hair problems that isn’t easy to treat. So as you wait for your hair to grow back to its normal length, do the aforementioned tips first to help you in concealing your breakage problems.


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