Easy Ways to Earn Extra Bucks for Your Holiday Shopping


Holiday shopping is something that most of us get excited about, from hunting the perfect gift to making the most out of shopping deals to purchasing that a holiday gift for yourself. However, enjoying the seasonal splurge might become a challenge if you’ll be shopping with a shoestring budget. Fortunately, earning extra bucks isn’t difficult during the holiday season. Here, we listed down some of low-cost side job possibilities that you can help in increasing your holiday shopping finances.

  1. Sell Your Art

Although the market may seem saturated, your design, painting and photography skills will always be in demand. From designing Christmas cards to doing mini new-born photoshoots, producing an original product on a commission basis can have a serious earning potential. Plus, you can already market your products either for free or at a lower cost with the help of various social networking sites.

  1. Be an Online Tutor

There are hundreds of virtual agencies that pair up struggling students with experienced tutors online. So if you have a knack for English or math, consider having this job as your side hustle. In this kind of job, having the ability to make people understand tricky concepts is more valued than having the right credentials – and the best part is you get the satisfaction of helping someone, while earning extra bucks.

  1. Work as a Content Creator

Digital marketing is a booming business these days, making it a good full- or part-time work for freelance writers who can produce essays, blog posts and marketing materials fast. So contact an agency to land a steady work, or go solo and develop connections with small and midsized businesses that are in need of marketing help.

  1. Organize Small Events

Even if you’re not the most organized person on your block, it’s possible to hang out a shingle and work as a personal organizer. You can start by creating a website or a Facebook page, then check out small businesses in your area so you could start meeting potential clients. Remember that word of mouth is the best way to market your new business.

Earning extra money is one of the best ways to enjoy holiday shopping without draining your savings. So consider looking into any of these side hustle opportunities now, and enjoy the payoff of your extra work later on.

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