Epi-LASIK Surgery Benefits

Epi-LASIK procedure has the goal to reform the cornea using an excimer laser to correct the bending of light that enters the eye for a more vivid and focused image, and therefore promotes a clear, perfect vision. Here are some of the benefits you can get from undergoing Epi-LASIK eye surgery.

Eliminating the use of contact lenses and glasses
The most obvious benefit that a patient can get from undergoing Singapore Epi-LASIK eye surgery is the independence it gives from constant usage of contacts and glasses. This will eliminate the hassle of looking for your glasses wherever you last put it down and the everyday cleaning of your contact lenses. Epi-LASEK procedure does not only help eliminate hassle of different eye prescription apparatuses but it could also help you save money in the long run as you won’t have to annually shed out hundreds of dollars for a new set of contacts and glasses.

Short treatment time
Another benefit you can get is the short treatment and short recovery time in Singapore, allowing a patient to see things more vividly in a matter of 2-3 days. Epi-LASIK eye surgery in Singapore provides short recovery period because the flap isn’t made using a blade but rather with a laser. This implies that the cornea of the eye is not overly damaged and doesn’t have to heal unlike with lasik singapore procedure where the eye’s cornea is cut and so has to heal. It is also beneficial for thinner corneas. Because Epi-LASIK surgery only needs a very thin flap, this form of eye surgery is advantageous to patients with thinner than the average corneas, and whom may not be qualified to undergo standard LASIK surgery.

Preserves the structure of the cornea
Epi-LASIK procedure involves no cutting of cornea, unlike traditional Singapore LASIK procedures. Therefore, the cornea’s strength and structure is well-preserved. With this, the possibility of having cornea ectasia, a sight threatening permanent cornea thinning condition, is significantly reduced.

Lesser Amount of Pain
Epi-LASIK eye surgery doesn’t use knife during the procedure, therefore making the patient feel at ease and lesser amount of pain. Also, lesser discomfort and pain is experienced after doing the Epi-LASIK procedure compared to other eye surgery method. However, the surgeon would still wrap your eye with bandage to further lessen any discomfort that you may feel.

Lesser possibility of causing or worsening dry eyes conditions
In traditional Singapore LASIK eye surgeries, using blades to cut a cornea flap may break cornea nerve endings that deliver feedbacks to the nervous system for the lubrication of the eye’s cornea. If this happens, the cornea won’t be properly lubricated causing the eyes to feel dry. With Epi-LASIK procedure, little or no nerve endings are damaged.

Suitable for people with active lifestyle
With standard LASIK eye surgery in Singapore, patients are discouraged to engage in sports or careers that could shock and distress the eyes. A strong blow or strike to the eye could displace the flap made in the cornea during the eye surgery that may cause permanent damage to the vision. Hence, Epi-LASIK is safer since the cornea is untouched, making it more suitable to people with active lifestyle, such as fire fighters, police officers, soccer players, and boxers.

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