Finding Singapore News Online

The success story of Singapore among the League of Nations in the world is nothing short of spectacular. From being a mere British colony developed as a seaport to facilitate movements of goods to all parts of the world, this small island nation has today become a major financial hub of the world and possessing one of the most developed economies today. A lot of credit in this amazing success goes to the developed infrastructure, of which media has been a part. In the last decade or so, digital media has grown crazily in Singapore. This has been a logical corollary to the exponential growth of internet in the country.

Currently, we have a population of 5 million people, and there is a total of broadband connection in 3.37 million households. This means that there are 1.5 connections per household which is a very high penetration rate not found even in more developed countries of the world. Imagine a country with more internet accounts than households. More people simply go for online news sites than traditional media. Today there are more than a dozen newspapers in Singapore that are carried online.

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