Food Items That Can Last Forever

They say that there is no such thing as forever. Maybe in love but in the case of foods, there are items that can last forever. With the right storage and some techniques, there are many supplies that can last a lifetime. In case of emergencies, these food items can definitely help.


The key to success here is to know types of foods that can last forever and knowing how to store them. Here are some food items that can last forever:

• Honey: Honey is more than just for baking or cooking, it can also serve as a cure. The good news is that honey does not go bad. In fact, scientists found a 3,000 year old honey in a tomb and still found it edible. With the right storing, it can last forever. If honey crystallizes, it can be reheated and can be used like the fresh honey. Honey can last forever because it has low water content and microorganisms hate that kind of environment.

• Sugar: Sugar can be prone to moisture but if there are some rice granules in the container, it can live longer and possibly forever. Sugar is an important staple since it can be used as a sweetener, preservative and as an insecticide.

• Salt: Salt’s shelf life is open-ended but its only challenge is its absorption of moisture. Much like sugar, moisture can be eradicated with the help of rice granules. Make sure though that the rice granules are inside the container or storage.

• Wheat: Wheat is a common staple here in Singapore and the world. It contains high carbohydrate plus protein, minerals as well as vitamins. It can be used as a leavening agent and baking.


• Baking soda: Baking soda is famous for its long term storage as well as versatility. It is famous as a leavening agent but it can also be used as a household cleaner and as a tarnish remover.

• Dried corn: Corns can be dried to extend its shelf life. Our ancestors practiced drying corn in preparation for the next year. The best way to extend its shelf life is to dry it out. It can be used to feed livestock or cornmeal.

• White rice: Rice is an excellent source for calories. It is cheap and it can last a lifetime if it is properly stored. Keeping it stored in a dry place can help extend its life.

• Powdered milk: Milk has this consume until date but you can prolong its shelf life by repacking it or storing it in the freezer. However, if you notice that the milk develops into a yellow color and odor, it is time to throw it.

After knowing what foods to consider, it is time that you know how to store them. The most efficient way to store food items is installing a multi-barrier system. Multi-barrier system can protect the food from different natural elements starting from the sunlight to the moisture and insect infestations. People who store in bulk consider multi-purpose items as well as inexpensive ones.
Now this sounds a prepper but it pays to be ready. Singaporeans should know this.


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